Ultimate Guide on Where to Visit and Stay in Mexico City

Where to visit and Stay in Mexico city

I know, you may have read about Mexico City in your history books. But those who have once been to this incredible city, he/she would have passed through the exciting activities!

Mexico City
Mexico City, Getty Images

People loving rich cultural heritage, art and architecture, yummy foods and spicy restaurants, are welcome to Mexico City.  

Let’s go deeper to discover where to stay in Mexico City and 3 of its neighborhoods. Okay, let’s go!

The 5 Best Places to Visit in Mexico City

Mexico City is a dream destination for every traveler. It seems like a big factory for cultural attractions and nightlife, stunning beaches, and high-ranking hotels and restaurants that appeal to all kinds of visitors.

Place 1. Cancún

Cancún is a go-to sight that boasts of its unforgettable nights and charming powder-white-sand beaches. Magical and warm, Cancún is also an affordable destination making this spot the favorite of the tourists.  

Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Getty Images

The things to do in Cancún beaches are a spectacular spot to try awesome parasailing and jet skiing. Cancún is next to one of the most famous sites in the world –  Chichén Itzá, which enters the list of the seven wonders in the world. It’s a Mayan archeological site and a dream place for every traveler. 

Place 2. Tulum

Tulum has recently become one of the most craved destinations among tourists. It’s a luxury site rich in ancient archeological values. Here, you’ll find well-preserved Mayan ruins.

Tulum, Mexico
Tulum, Getty Images Pro

Tulum is a mysterious and out-of-standard place ideal for adventurous travelers. The underground caves and bio reserves are other alternatives to the mundane city tours and hiking.  

Place 3. Puerto Vallarta 

It’s a vibrant coastal town with eye-catching sculptures and historic buildings. 

If visiting with your family, you’ll have chances to enjoy some family-friendly attractions and sports. For those enjoying singlehood, there’s a great opportunity for crazy nightlife.

Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta, Getty Images Pro

Many restaurants and nightclubs are staying open late in this cute town offering amazing adventures to the visitors. Take your chance to go ziplining and experiencing different water sports in Las Caletas Beach Hideaway, which is a private island full of charming activities.  

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Place 4. Guanajuato

Guanajuato City is settled on several hills and in a narrow valley. The charm of this city is the underground tunnels passing through the city center. Guanajuato is a worth-seeing city that’s very near to Mexico City so that you can even drive there.

Guanajuato, Getty Images Pro

Guanajuato is a colorful city with highlights including Callejon del Beso (a kissing alley) that’s the most favorite part of the lovers. Just amble around this energetic city, try local food, and get the real vibe! 

Place 5. Cholula Puebla

Head to Cholula Puebla if you want to get off the usual traveling trail. This is a culinary hot zone along with historical museums and craft markets. 

Mole Poblano is the place you should definitely visit. That’s a place where you can try the original chocolate sauce with more than twenty ingredients.  

Cholula Puebla, Mexico
Cholula Puebla, Getty Images

Cholula Puebla is the epicenter of the new and the old that offers great adventure to all types of travelers. 

It’s considered to be an exquisite place because it contains one church for every day of the year (365). The tourists also admire the huge pyramid from the top of which a stunning view opens to the city.

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3 Best Neighbourhood to Visit in Mexico City

With so many options to choose in a great variety of neighborhoods in Mexico City, one can get confused. Below, we have brought together 3 personalized neighborhood recommendations according to the type of traveler.

Neighborhood 1. Are you a first-timer? Choose Roma!

Hands-down for Roma, if you have come to Mexico City for the first time. Roma is a neighboring place close to Mexico City and is a true core of the metropolis. This is an amazing place where charming cafes, hotels, and parks are situated. 

Roma, Mexico City
Roma, Mexico City, Getty Images

In short, this is a central place with a very interesting historic past. Being destroyed during the earthquake in 1985, it was rebuilt then and customized for the youngsters. The best benefit of Roma is it’s very safe and calm.

No matter how much you have in your pocket, below you’ll find the price range that best suits your opportunities. 

1. On budget 

‘On-budget’ in Roma means having up to fifty dollars (US$50) in your wallet. Our recommendations are:

Hostel Hipster Roma –One of the biggest benefits of this ‘hipster’-styled hostel is the price. Though, it doesn’t’ hint at this being low-quality. Here you’ll find cool accommodations to get the best out of your convenience and resting time.  

Cozy B&B Roma Norte – This is one of your best ‘bed and breakfast’ choices in Roma. This is a great option especially for the youngsters strolling around all day and looking for a place to pass the night!

2. Medium budget

This price tag includes a range of fifty to one hundred dollars (US$ 50-100). Our two recommendations include:

Casa Colima – This ultra-modern hotel is praised for its trending design and very clean rooms. It’s the place to get pleasure with a good value of money.  

U-Co Roma – U-Co is a lively hostel with the possibility to share with others. This is a large and vibrant property where you can have fun besides taking your rest.

3. High budget 

This means you’re looking for luxurious hotels with a budget of more than one hundred dollars (US$100). Our advice includes:

Brick Hotel – Are you in a search of a gorgeous hotel option? Choose Brick Hotel. That includes everything you’ll like and get the most out of your relaxation after a tensioned day. 

Large balconies, free internet access and drinks, great location, and others, are the most welcoming factors in this enchanting hotel. 

Nima Local House – Another 5* hotel option is Nima that offers astonishing views and luxurious amenities.

Neighborhood 2. Do you want to immerse yourself in the traditional atmosphere? Go to Coyoacán!

In Coyoacán you’re welcome to find vibrant local highlights with overwhelming culture and art. This is a perfect place to be if you’re in love with craft markets and restaurants, cozy streets, and home-made food. 

Coyoacan, Mexico City
Coyoacán, Getty Images

Coyoacán is considered to have an ‘old’ feel, so is welcoming to the ancient lovers, as well as those traveling with family. The coyote fountain is located in the central square of Coyoacán, which is the origin of the name of this place (place of coyotes).

Go to the Museum of Frida Kahlo, concretely, the place where she lived with Diego Rivera. 

Let’s dig deeper to find a few great hotel options!

1. On budget 

NOTE! Next, the budget options in US dollars (US$) are the same as it was in the case with Roma! 

La Casa de la Roca – Are you looking for a traditional place to stay? Choose La Casa de la Roca (The House of the Rock). It’s a definitely recommended option with the accessibility to free WiFi and shared lounge bar, private parking, and more. 

Casa Ayvar – The big good thing regarding Casa Ayvar is the low prices and high-quality services. You’ll enjoy the cleanest rooms and cozy patio. 

2. Medium budget

Guesthouse Aldama – It’s only three hundred meters far from the Museum of Frida Kahlo. This another great homestay with all the conditions at great prices. You’ll even have the possibility to bike and get some activities. 

Villas Sol y Luna Coyoacan – This is an amazing guesthouse with a stunning patio and neat room service.  

3. High budget

Pug Seal Coyoacan – Why do we offer this luxurious hotel to you? Apart from being a gorgeous one, Pug Seal is a red building that can be a dream place for every traveler. Stunning rooms and accommodations are competing with the world-wide classy hotel options. 

Living Céfiro by Stara – Though being a four-star, Living Céfiro by Stara is one of the trendiest hotels in neighboring Mexico City. Astounding terrace and cool hotel rooms are what will make you go crazy after a hard day. 

Neighborhood 3. Are you an art aficionado and want to indulge in nightlife? Choose La Condesa! 

La Condesa is undoubtedly the most modern neighboring place in Mexic City. It’s famous for the crazy club life and eclectic dances till the dawn. It’s a cool choice for the youngsters who want to kick the best of their singlehood and free leisure time! 

La Condesa, Mexico City
La Condesa, Getty Images

La Condesa is a chic place with a vintage atmosphere and fresh places alike. 

Let’s check a few options to stay in this wondrous site! 

1. On budget 

Izta Hostels – Do you need simple rooms with yummy breakfast? Go to the Izta hostels and find a beautiful place without breaking your bank. 

Casa Rosa Condesa – Go and stay in this cozy inn that includes free WiFi and a beautiful patio.

2. Medium budget

Casa Nuevo Leon – Yes, this is a great place to stay in La Condesa that has two more benefits added to the standard ones! It includes a tour desk and storage for your baggage!

Casa Condesa Michoacan 113 – There’s no problem if you haven’t ordered your hotel room before coming to La Condesa. This special hotel is one of the tops with the neighborhood to Chapultepec Park (a-few-minutes-walk from the hotel). 

3. High budget

Hippodrome Hotel – The best of the best, Hippodrome is a hotel to satisfy the most exacting customers in the world! 

Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique – No wonder why this hotel is on our list! Casa Malí is a boutique that will make you enjoy the flexible and modern amenities within it. Go to the gym or take a sip of alcohol. If you’re an art aficionado, indulge yourself in the artful wall decorations and just take a rest in this relaxing atmosphere. 

After reading this article, you’ll have a great piece of knowledge about the basic landmarks and hotels in and close to Mexico City. Don’t hesitate, it’s time for traveling! 


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