25 Best places to visit in California

Best Places in California

There may be tons of memorable moments in your life, but romantic vacation days are lifetime experiences. Most people believe it matters much what travel destination you choose. If you are planning a vacation in the U.S., we advise you to go to California. This amazing state has been one of the best places to visit. It welcomes tons of visitors year-round as all the seasons are perfect for complete relaxation and trips: summers are warm and dry, winters are not so cold. As there are lots of beautiful and breathtaking spots to explore, we have prepared a list of must-visit places in California to help you make the right choice.

Top 25 places to visit in California

1. Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina
Santa Catalina. Source Getty Images Pro

Santa Catalina is located 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. For many years this island has been a great spot for honeymoons and family-friendly vacation. It has everything to spend your days full of fun and relaxation. For adventure lovers, Catalina’s zip line over Descanso Canyon is a perfect choice. For children, it suggests funny whale and dolphin-watching tours.

2. Sturtevant Falls

Sturtevant Falls
Sturtevant Falls. Source Getty Images

The amazing Sturtevant Falls is located in the heart of Big Santa Anita Canyon. Every year it welcomes thousands of visitors all over the world. It is a 50-foot waterfall with a look at the icy river. Particularly hikers are fond of this place, as it guarantees easy and memorable hiking. 

3. Mono Lake

Mono Lake
Mono Lake. Source Getty Images

Nature lovers will appreciate this 65 square-mile Mono Lake. Be certain to visit the best known Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area $ Visitor Center to enjoy tufa towers-formations rising from the bottom of a carbonate-rich saltwater lake. This majestic landscape waits for you.

4. Big Sur

Big Sur
Big Sur. Source Getty Images

Big Sur is a perfect destination for members of the family. Here you will find many natural wonders that make your day unforgettable. Go and enjoy looking at sea otters swimming and eating their lovely food Abalone.

5. Death Valley

Death Valley
Death Valley. Source Kamchatka

Death Valley is a desert surrounded by mountains. Visitors like this destination of extremes and viewpoints to explore. Particularly in spring Death Valley is amazingly full of colors. 

6. Monterey Beach

Monterey Beach
Monterey Beach. Source Getty Images Signature

Monterey beach is a land of breathtaking cliffs and waterfalls and sandy beaches. Here you can enjoy surfing, rock hunting, fishing, swimming. Monterey is full of joy and activities.

7. Vernal Falls

Vernal Falls
Vernal Falls. Source Getty Images

Vernal Falls is only 96 meters, but most beautiful and most-visited waterfalls in Yosemite. For hiking-lovers Vernal Falls is a magic Place, including Panorama Trail, Mist trail with a wonderful scene to Nevada and Vernal Falls.

8. Cypress Tree Tunnel

Cypress Tree Tunnel
Cypress Tree Tunnel. Source paulbrady

Cypress Tree Tunnel is a well-known traveling place in the world. It is a long tunnel formed by Monterey Cypress. Cypress Tree Tunnel is a fantastic place for taking photos and funny road trips.

9. The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea
The Salton Sea. Source Getty Images

The Salton Sea is one of the best vacation destinations in California. It is a home for hundreds of migratory birds covering the surface of the lake and making breathtaking scenes. Be sure to visit the International Banana Museum accosted by bananas and the color yellow.

10. San Diego

San Diego
San Diego. Source Getty Images Pro

San Diego is a beautiful coastal city with its warm climate, sandy beaches, restaurants, and museums. Take little members of your family to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and spend your day full of adventures with wild animals.

11. McWay Falls

McWay Falls
McWay Falls. Source Getty Images

McWay Falls is a small paradise on the California coast. It is an 80-foot waterfall surrounded by magic mountains. Unfortunately, its beauty can be seen only from Big Sur’s trail that also allows you to take many amazing photos of the waterfall. 

12. Dana Point Harbor

Dana Point Harbor
Dana Point Harbor. Source Getty Images Pro

Dana Point Harbor is a great year-round visited place to spend memorable days going fishing or whale watching, making dining in the open sea view. For shopaholics, it will be a good way to buy from wide-variety candy gifts, visit jewelry, or clothing shops.

13. Muir Woods National 

Muir Woods National
Muir Woods National. Source Getty Images

Muir Woods is the world’s most-visited 223-hectare park not far from San Francisco. Full of old-growth redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens) it is also known as Redwood Canyon. The park welcomes you for enjoying hiking trails.

14. Glacier Point, Yosemite

Glacier Point, Yosemite
Glacier Point, Yosemite. Source Getty Images

If you are planning a vacation to Yosemite Valley, go to Glacier Point. Due to its amazing natural landmark, Glacier Point is a lovely place for photographers and hikers. 

15. Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls. Source Getty Images

Rainbow Falls is one of the best places to visit in the world. Chances are good to hunt the rainbows if you visit in the late afternoon. Photographers are fond of this unique contextual view.

16. Griffith Park

Griffith Park
Griffith Park. Source Getty Images

Griffith Park is a large municipal park in California and popular with its Griffith Observatory, where you can spend great time looking through telescopes, seeing spectacular views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign.

17. Carlsbad Ranch

Carlsbad Ranch
Carlsbad Ranch. Source Getty Images Signature

Carlsbad Ranch is a magical place to visit. When you first step there you will lose your head because of various blooms of more than 100 flowers in the Flower Fields. Stop and enjoy yellow and pink petals, red roses, orchids, and poinsettias. 

18. Glass Beach

Glass Beach
Glass Beach. Source Getty Images

California is rich with beaches. Among them, Glass Beach is one of the most-visited ones located in MacKerricher State Park. Be sure to find well-known colorful glass pieces that make the beach amazing. 

19. Natural Bridge State Beach

Natural Bridge State Beach
Natural Bridge State Beach. Source Getty Images

Natural Bridge State Beach beach is a perfect place to relax known with its Natural bridge. This bridge or as Americans call Natural arch is an arch formation like a tunnel allowing a look to migrating whales, playing seals, and the whole ocean view.

20. Encinitas Meditation Gardens

Encinitas Meditation Gardens
Encinitas Meditation Gardens. Source Getty Images

 If you look for a place to relax both your mind and body The meditation Garden in Encinitas is what you need. After meditation you will feel how your body is recovered, stresses go away, instead, you will welcome beautiful and positive emotions. 

21. Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park. Source Getty Images

Joshua Tree National Park is the symbol of California with its amazing natural desert treasures. Visitors come here to enjoy the wildflowers, go hiking, horse riding, rock climbing, biking and stargazing at night. 

22. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge. Source Getty Images Pro

The Golden Gate Bridge is an amazing red-orange bridge connecting San Francisco to Marin County and symbolizing America. Get the chance to see the world-known bridge, walk across it learning the history of its name and color, and enjoying breathtaking views.

23. Bishop

Bishop. Source Getty Images

Bishop is a well-known mountain resort across climbers. But if you do not like rock climbing be sure tons of interesting things to do in Bishop including swimming at Keough’s Hot Springs pool, fishing and riding at Rock Creek Pack Station, or attending Laws Railroad historic museum.

24. Glory Hole

Glory Hole
Glory Hole. Source Getty Images

Glory Hole is perfect for family-friendly trips. Visitors are fond of looking at this open bell-mouth spillway in Lake Berryessa. Despite this 72 feet in diameter pipe, this is a lovely spot for boating with no risk to suck into. 

25. Bowling Ball Beach

 Bowling Ball Beach
Bowling Ball Beach. Source Getty Images

Bowling Ball Beach is a unique and incredibly beautiful geological spot in California. Due to large, round sandstone boulders that seem to be bowling balls, it welcomes hundreds of visitors, among them many photographs. Chances are great to see these bowling balls, particularly during low tidal forces. Besides these balls, the beach is an ideal place to explore wild animals like rockfish, hermit crabs, and snails. 


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