15 Absolute Fun Things To Do On a Plane

Best things To Do On a Plane

Good news: Vacation time is near. Bad news: Every traveling first-of-all starts from mid-to-long flights. We know that preparing for this upcoming event is one of the most pleasant things in your life. You will simply pack your bags and go out. But have you ever thought about how you will kill the time on the plane? Some people consider flights a bit boring or stressful, but those who travel a lot, know how to keep them busy on the way. Below we are going to speak about 15 absolute fun things to do on a plane to help you make a better experience. 

You are free to come up with interesting ideas as well in the comments. Just boost your imagination and be a little creative.

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Variant 1. Talk to your neighbor

During your two, four, six, or maybe even 10 hours flights it is impossible to ignore the people in your neighborhood. Particularly it’s a good way if you are lucky enough to find an interesting person to engage in a deep conversation. But there is a nuance: not all people are open to talking on a plane. But even they may become involved in a conversation if you start your dialog with warm and gentle phrases. 

Variant 2. Read a book

Woman reading in the plane
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Most travelers think the plane is a great place to keep a stash of books. Take one of your favorite books, noise-canceling earphones, a comfortable travel pillow, a clip-on light (if the window shade is closed and enjoy reading while flying. Even if you cannot decide what to read, we can advise you of several short books you can finish on a plane ride: “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” by Shirley Jackson, “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris, “Homicide in Hardcover” by Kate Carlisle or “The Mystery of the Blue Train” by Agatha Christie.

Variant 3. Play Games

Playing games on your devices is a good way to entertain yourself on the plane. Puzzle or adventure games are top-rated mobile games. But it is not a secret that most games require an internet connection. So we have separated several games that are available in airplane mode on both phones and tablets: Geometry Dash, Subway Surfers, Kingdom Rush, Candy Crush Saga, Crossword Puzzles, etc. Another solution to having a good time is pocket games or paper puzzles.

Variant 4. Learn a Language

Dreamed about learning a new language but haven’t the time. Learning a language on long-hour flights is a great way. Take advantage of this opportunity, take a dictionary or download an online language app (Babbel and Duolingo) before the flight and learn new words and phrases on your way. Or maybe you are visiting a destination and feel discomfort because of a language barrier. No problem! It is the exact time to study that language before landing.

 Variant 5. Fill up your diary

While sorting out must-haves of your bags including passports, medicine, eyeglasses, and sunscreens do not forget about taking your diary or if you don’t use diaries take a notebook to write down interesting phrases or quotes of seatmates or your thoughts and feelings on the plane.

Variant 6. Drawing

Drawing during the flight
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Sometimes long-distance traveling will be annoying if you have nothing to do. So you have already read your lovely books, had an interesting dialogue with your seatmate but still feel like time has stopped, it is time to try drawing. Where else can you find many different and unique faces than in that crowded plane? Be sure time will go by so fast that you will feel zero boredom.

Variant 7. Take pictures of the clouds

Sunset sky from the airplane window
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Whether you are an outdoor photography lover or not you will be amazed surrounded by magically beautiful clouds. Taking photos of this breathtaking view is not a hard task, Firstly you need to check your camera settings to make your photos stand out. Imagine how they will be in your pictures particularly when the weather is good enough. On the other hand, it can simply keep you busy while in flight. 

Variant 8. Listen to music

Listen to music on airplane
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A fantastic solution to spend a great time on the plane is to listen to your lovely music and enjoy the view from the window. Before the flight, you should organize your playlist. Modern technologies allow us to listen to songs without any problem. The only thing is not to forget your headphones or helmets as a guarantee of a comfortable and quality hearing.

Variant 9. Watch TV shows

Are you bored sitting in your cramped seat and trying to find something to keep you busy? If you have internet access, find a list of good TV shows on your phone or laptop and enjoy it. If you are a comedy lover it will be a great choice to watch comedies like “Enough Said”, “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”, “Force Majeure”, etc.

Variant 10. Organize your phone 

using tablet phone on airplane
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Phones are our lifeline. Every day we spend a lot of time on them: answer calls, respond to emails, send messages, make posts for Instagram and Facebook, watch videos and listen to songs. But have you ever looked at your phone and understood it is full of junk? Use the opportunity to declutter your phone and improve usage and get rid of the headache in the future.

Variant 11. Relive your best memories

The most time-consuming part of organizing your phone is the photo and video albums. Surely you have accumulated hundreds of images and videos over the years and have run out of storage for further usage. On the other hand, your albums are full of wonderful and memorable songs. To organize them at the same time reliving the best moments of your past.

Variant 12. Eat and drink

lunch in airplane
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If you are preparing for a long haul flight, you become stressed and sometimes forget about chewing something. Do not worry while on the plane you will have the opportunity to eat and drink that will make you feel better and your flight more pleasant. Besides satisfying your taste buds it is a way to entertain yourself and minimize boredom. However eating too much oily and spicy food, drinking carbonate-full or high-caffeine drinks will not be a good idea as they may cause stomach pain or discomfort.

Variant 13. Meditate

Meditation on the plane is especially good for those passengers who have a phobia of flying. Meditating will help to minimize anxieties and stresses, balance your feelings and emotions, and just have a funny flight. Some people trying meditation say it is like a stiff drink. The first thought while meditating should be “I am safe”. It works: you need to repeat this sentence several times in your mind. And really, according to statistics flying is the most secure form of transportation despite several accidents. 

Variant 14. Plan your next vacation

Whether there is another more pleasant process than planning a vacation. Do not lose this extra free time on the plane and choose the next gateway. For some people, this may seem nonsense as you are yet on the way to your current vacation destination. But, believe it will bring you new and positive emotions and keep you busy for a while. Just figure out which will be your next destination, whom you will go with and when. So once you have come back from your vacation, you are more certain where to go next.

Variant 15. Sleep

People traveling by air and sleeping on the plane
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Some people adore sleeping on the transport be it car, bus, train or plane. It is quite normal to spend the time falling asleep, but sometimes it becomes impossible because of talkative seatmates or noisy kids in the neighborhood. But an eye mask, a comfortable travel pillow and earphones will save the situation. 


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