3 Places to Stay and Top 12 Fun Things to Do in Ibiza

Best places to Stay and Fun things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza, officially Eivissa, is famous for its crazy parties and hot summer nights with the most famous DJs worldwide performing. 

Nestled in the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is the hotspot of exciting moods and euphoria. It’s home to countless amounts of crystal-clear beaches and golden sands, luxurious eateries, and eclectic nightlife. 

There is a dense touristic flow towards this island during summertime, you might face trouble finding a place to stay. 

That’s why we guide on the hotel list below to choose from while being in Ibiza. 

Keep reading! 

3 Best Neighborhoods You Should Visit in Ibiza

Ibiza is a hotspot for clubs and nightlife, powder-white beaches, and restaurants. It’s full of cute villages and cultural sites that must be attended by every traveler.

There are so many places to visit and relish. Let’s read our recommendations on the best neighborhoods in Ibiza. 

Ibiza, Lunamarina

Neighborhood 1. Take your way to Ibiza Town if you’re here for the first time!

As soon as you settle here for a while, you’ll discover a plethora of fun things you would not miss. 

It’s comprised of top-notch restaurants and bars where you can take your beloved one and make a wedding proposal. Or, go there with your friends and rock the night in one of the beach clubs.

Ibiza Town
Ibiza Town, Getty Images

Besides, you’ll encounter here a great selection of exhibitions, art galleries, and a series of things to educate history.

Below are our recommendations on the hotel options you may reside in while being in Ibiza Town. 

Hotel 1. Kaua’i Marriott Resort

Kauai’s Resort is known for the best accommodations and warm hospitality. The modernized guestrooms and top-notch service leave a long-lasting impression on the guests. In this hotel, a wealth of activities, such as beach experience, sports, spa, and others, call you to try. 

Hotel 2. Hotel Ambassador Playa I

Concerned about your stay in Ibiza Town? No need to! Go to this lovely hotel and find your rest with your family. This is a nice option for those who are keen to be near to the city landmarks.

Neighborhood 2. Visit San Antonio Ibiza, if you’re on a budget! 

This is a marvelous place to stay that’s praised for being an amusement center for the youth. Whether you’re in San Antonio with your friends or family, this neighborhood is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t yield to the most luxurious ones when comparing its places of interest.

San Antonio, Ibiza
San Antonio, Lunamarina

This great place is home to a stunning sunset and beautiful natural landscapes. Here, you’ll find your oasis on Earth and immerse yourself in the wilderness with a cocktail in hand.  The blaze of colors in the horizon will leave a mesmerizing effect while walking along the sandy seashore and following the end of the day.  

Again, just like in Ibiza Town, life boils in the evening, when a lot of youth is leading the way to the bars, clubs, and restaurants nearby to raise the mood.

Find the best hotel options in San Antonio to stay.

Hotel 1. Omni San Antonio Hotel 

This is a great residence that brings the barrio of San Antonio right to your doorstep with easy access to the center of the neighborhood. Here you’ll find all the amenities for a decent stay. 

Hotel 2. Hyatt Regency San Antonio

This hotel is built in the center of entertainment activities and cultural hotspots. Right from this hotel, you can reach all the places this city offers by just walking. The Hyatt Hotel is a first-class variant for those who estimate a gorgeous and comfortable stay. 

Neighborhood 3. Stay in Playa d’en Bossa if you seek crazy nightlife!

Located in the south of Ibiza Town, Playa d’en Bossa is home to the craziest beach discos and clubs.

Playa d’en Bossa is a beautiful open bay, with legendary fun active places and a huge amount of water activities. Here, you’ll feel the buzzing contagious atmosphere around and taste the excellent food and try a sip of exotic drinks.  

Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza
Playa d’en Bossa, Getty Images Signature

The most important start by night, when the life focuses on the rocking venues full of clubbing crowd. In summer, A-list DJs are invited from all the corners of the world to comprise the epicenter of cool leisure time and endless dance scenes.

In this neighborhood, you’ll find excellent accommodations, including:

Hotel 1. Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa

Thanks to its beguiling layout of villa chains, this hotel option is an ideal choice for visitors. Every captivating thing you might imagine is offered by this site. With great outdoor pools and excellent services, the tastiest food, and a relaxing spa, this is the place for getting the most out of your life!  

Hotel 2. Ebano Select Apartments

This chain of apartments is a fantastic alternative to the standard format of hotels with its welcoming atmosphere and flexibility to host all kinds of travelers. 

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Enjoy the beautiful island of Ibiza in Ebano Select Apartment enabled with all kinds of commodities of home. It’s only three hundred meters away from Playa d’en Bossa and about a 5-minute-drive to the city of Ibiza. 

12 Top Things You Should Never Miss in Ibiza

The great reason thousands of travelers come for is the world’s most epicurean nightlife. Ibiza is a perfect place for those who want to get rid of mundane life routine and feel the sun-filled jaunt around the sea. 

Below, you’ll get to know the coolest activities and things to experience on this charming island.

Thing 1. Appreciate Ibiza Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral, you may ramble by contemplating the huge structure of this 13-century building. The location of the cathedral is beguiling opening an outlook to the whole city. 

Ibiza Cathedral
Ibiza Cathedral, Getty Images

Ibiza Cathedral has been influenced by Gothic and Baroque styles keeping many works of art of notable pieces. 

Thing 2. Experience Dalt Vila 

Dalt Vila is Ibiza’s fortified old town that’s under UNESCO’s protection. This is a treasure trove of history, full of mysteries and discoveries. 

Settled on the mountain, Dalt Vila overlooks the whole town. It’s been constructed to protect the town from the conquerers, in that way becoming one of the most strategically important melting pot of history.

Dalt Vila, Ibiza
Dalt Vila, Getty Images

The latest addition to the fortification was the Renaissance walls meant to protect from foreign invaders. 

Ramble around on foot and take amazing photos in winding narrow streets. Contemplate the magnificent view from Dalt Vila and discover something interesting at each level of terraces.

Thing 3. Pass your day in Talamanca beach

Being only a few minutes away from the marina, Talamanca beach is customized for family rest and is safe for children due to the natural commodities.

Talamanca Beach, Ibiza
Talamanca Beach, Getty Images

This is an excellent choice to satisfy your hunger and try delicious food. The choice is from the local to cosmopolitan containing mainly exotic seafood.

We advise you to plan half a day or longer to pass in Talamanca and get the most out of white sand beaches and waters. 

Thing 4. Witness the beguiling sunset of Cala Comte

Cala Comte is the kept secret of Ibiza. Being a 15-minute-drive from San Antonio, it’s home to a very special treat of activities, such as parasols, yummy restaurants, and bars, as well as crystal water.  

For many, Cala Comte needs no introduction. Fabulous views and many more things to discover and experience in this part of the coastline will leave you without a doubt your trip to Ibiza would be incomplete if you haven’t visited Cala Comte. 

Cala Comte, Ibiza
Cala Comte, Lunamarina

All the stirring sensations are completed by the spectacular sunset of Cala Comte gathering people on the shore or the boat to anchor this sensational view. 

Thing 5. Immerse in Spas

No trip to a coastal town is complete without a spa. Ibiza is also well-known for its options of relaxation and services to make you feel laid-back.

Spa Center, Ibiza
Spa Center, Getty Images

There are more than fifteen spa centers across these islands, whether as a part of hotel services, or other private ones.

The choices for therapy is up to you. Next, it’s time to pamper yourself! You’re worth it! Besides, you can use yoga, gym, or other services to be in the state of the art!

Thing 6. Have fun in the resort of Santa Eulalia

This is a beautiful town and coast in the east of Ibiza. Santa Eulalia is popular among those who seek a peaceful vacay. Ibiza isn’t just a wild place for nightlife, it’s also a place where you can find your serenity and just have a passive rest. Santa Eulalia is one of those places.

Santa Eulalia
Santa Eulalia, Lunamarina

The golden sandy beaches and comfy shops are calling attention with an abundance of activities along with the resort. The most famous thing about Santa Eulalia is the promenade along the coast and the excellent selection of hotels and apartments in and around the town.

Thing 7. Trek to the northern part of Punta d’es Moscarter

If hiking and trekking are your favorite activities, go to Punta d’es Moscarter. It’s a place to see worthwhile in Ibiza and experience the northern trip. Discover juniper bushes and pine tree forests, and deep bays that are home to vacation communities.

Punta d’es Moscarter, Ibiza
Punta d’es Moscarter, Getty Images

If you want to have a change in the standard routine of Ibiza life, then wear your comfortable shoes while trekking in Punta de’s Moscarter. 

It could be a challenge to climb the top of the hill, but it’s worth your efforts due to the magnificent panorama opening right in front of your eyes! Capture the drama of the landscapes and don’t forget about shooting with wildlife. 

Thing 8. Undergo insane water activities.

It’s natural, we’re in Ibiza. The logic guides us on taking the sea as your playground and take some watersports that will leave great impressions. 

Water Activities, Ibiza
Water Activities, Getty Images

Along with paragliding, kayaking, and paddling, you’re free to take a yacht and sail over the sea. Go diving and explore the amazing world beneath the waves of the crystal waters. 

Thing 9. Wine and dine

Wherever you travel, it’s well worth trying its local delicacies. From the seafood to the pork unique meals, all are waiting for you to satisfy your appetite.

Wine and dine
Wine and dine, Getty Images

Thing 10. Discover Cap Blanc

This is a huge aquarium site settled in a natural cave. Chances are, you still have time yearning for new experiences. It’s high time to get the deal! The place itself is interesting, being situated down in a cave. Before, it was the meeting place for the lobstermen to prepare a trap.  

Cap Blanc, Ibiza
Cap Blanc, Getty Images

Cap Blanc is a kind of a sea museum that would interest even the smallest kids. They can admire new species of fish and marine animals, turtles, and other types of sea-life. 

Thing 11. Rock with your family

Go to the family show in Ibiza. This island, as you may have seen, is full of various activities, including for families. Funny carnivals and aquaparks are on the top. For the cutest kids, it’s preferable to take nature-oriented activities.

Horse Valley, Ibiza
Horse Valley, Getty Images

Go to the horse-riding in the Horse Valley. You’ll encounter liberated horses and ponies having the opportunity to feed and take care of them. 

Thing 12. Encounter Formentera 

Reveal the vibe of Formentera. First, the beaches, second, the tropical inner activities. Find your adventure by renting a bicycle and riding along the shore. Get your unmatched whiz!

Formentera, Getty Images

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After reading this article, you’ll be an expert at the most amazing places around Ibiza and guesthouse accommodations. We already know, choosing your next trip will be a breeze!


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