15 Top Best Things to Do in Yerevan + BONUS SECTION (Written by local)

Best things to do in Yerevan

There are tons of positive adjectives to attach to the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, and all of them are real! The contagious vibrant energy makes you want to come here over and over again creating profound affections towards this captivating city.   

It’s a colorful city that makes every visitor feel at home and go crazy about the gorgeous architecture and ancient history, get a glimpse of its modern sides and enjoy the top-notch service at excellent-quality cafes and restaurants. 

Let’s have a look at 15 best fun activities to do in Yerevan, Armenia.

Activity 1. Start your city tour from the Republic Square

Republic Square Yerevan, Singing Fountains
Republic Square, Yerevan, Image Source; Getty Images

Start your journey from ‘Hraparak’. The Republic Square is settled in the center of Yerevan and includes the National Gallery, History Museum and the Government House, and other outstanding buildings. You’ll not get bored here, already noted!

Its magnificent look is comprised of beautifully shaped buildings and surrounding parks. This is one of the most crowded parts of Yerevan both during the daytime and at nights.

People love spending evenings here mostly for the dancing and singing fountain shows accompanied by outstanding music of all the genres.  

Wait! Some other activities are left in this huge plaza! Enjoy the stunning night view from the rooftop of one of the numerous cafes situated in this square. 

The Diamond Restaurant provides a rooftop view right over the Republic Square. The other restaurants located a little far away but with a stunning penthouse view, are El Sky Bar, The Mozaic Sky Restaurant, Verev Rooftop, and many others. 

Our advice is to visit these restaurants at night. According to a popular saying ‘Yerevan is a nice city, especially at night’!

Activity 2. Listen to classical music

Yerevan Opera Theatre
Yerevan Opera Theatre, Image Source; Getty Images

Yerevan is a city of music, be it classical, folk, rock, dance, and so forth. Even at ordinary cafes full of people during the pleasant evenings, you can be part of an amazing live music show that will make your pastime even better. 

The Yerevan Opera Theatre is the crater of musical passions. With affordable tickets, you can be a part of world-wide-known bewildering ballet performances and shows, operas, and classical concerts and get impressions that will last for a long time.

Activity 3. Stroll around the Swan Lake

Swan Lake, Yerevan
Swan Lake, Image Source; Valentyn Semonov

Another landmark worth seeing in Yerevan is Swan Lake. This picturesque lake is surrounded by cozy cafes and places of interest for children to play, adults to stroll around, and just relax after a hard-working day. 

Catch the local vibes at the Forsh Club and listen to the most authentic songs about Yerevan by a famous singer Forsh. 

Activity 4. Climb up the Cascade stairwell

Cascade Yerevan, Image Source; Getty Images

Located in the center, the Cascade is one of the key milestones that should be completed. Surrounded by vibrant cafes, all kinds of restaurants and a lot of creative statues, Cascade is a must-visit place among the locals and tourists.

After surpassing the eight levels staircase either by a special elevator or on foot, your reward will be the full stunning view over the capital of Armenia with the background of the mountain Ararat in the skyline.

For art lovers, there is a big surprise. Visit Gafesjian Center for the Arts and take part in a modern exhibition. Enter the museum store that never fails to inspire ideas for creative gifts and art examples.

A bonus tip about the Cascade Complex is the performances and concerts held in this center on the top premise from inside. Once the curtains open, enjoy the whole city sight along with the high-quality music.  

Activity 5. Pass your time in the park

Park, Yerevan
Park, Yerevan, Image Source; Getty Images

Go for a picnic in one of the parks in Yerevan and kick your back for a while. One of them is the Lover’s Park, that’s considered to be the most popular and the oldest one.

Totally renovated recently, this park is a perfect place for strolling around with a baby, take a cup of coffee in the neighboring cafe or just lie on the grass and calm your mind. 

Activity 6. Take a sunbath

Waterpark, Yerevan
Waterpark, Yerevan, Image Source; Getty Images Signature

Have you come to Yerevan in August and is it too hot? No worries! Ride on to the Yerevan Water Park to not only splash around the water but also to catch good vibes of the day. This waterpark is an amazing place with 10 pools both indoors and outdoors, children areas, and twelve waterslides. 

Saturated with all the accommodations, it’s a nice place to go with family and friends. This fantastic park is not only for amusement, but also contains SPA centers for relaxation. It’s praised for the geysers, fitness club, and so on. 

Activity 7. Go ice skating

Ice Skating Yerevan
Ice Skating, Image Source; Getty Images

I bet you already guess Yerevan is a center of vibrant vibes. With tons of places of interest, Yerevan is also customized to attract its visitors all year round. If you’re a skate lover, then go to the Karen Demirchyan Sports Complex to enjoy the ice skating indoors.  

Activity 8. Shop for local art

Vernissage, Yerevan
Vernissage, Yerevan, Image Source; Getty Images

The weekend in Yerevan can start with visiting the large open-air market known as Vernissage. This market is unique with souvenirs to buy and take the piece of memory from this hospitable country. 

There is a large variety of crafts sold in this local market. From wooden chests to stunning artworks, and everything in between, you’ll find the most suitable tailor-made item to take home with you.

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Activity 9.  Sip on brandy

Ararat Brandy Factory
Ararat Brandy Factory, Image Source; Canva Pro

A little alcohol? Of course, bring your brandy cups! If you leave Yerevan without trying the world-wide-famous brandy, it’s a sin!

Go to the Ararat brandy factory! There you’ll learn about the old history starting from the opening in 1887 up to the present.

After finishing the tour, the most interesting part starts – testing. 2-3 types of brandy are enough to raise the bar and totally make your day.  

Activity 10. Delight your taste buds

Armenian Cuisine
Armenian cuisine, Image Source; Getty Images

Armenia is home to hospitable people and exquisite cuisine! Quite delicious and tasty, your palate will be delighted by the freshness and flavor of spices.   

All kinds of yummies are included in the Armenian menu – fresh herbs and luscious meat, appetizing fish, and vegetables.

Yerevan is the hotspot for the highest-quality restaurant service. And this is a proven fact! The list of the best restaurants in Yerevan includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Tavern Yerevan Riverside
  2. Lavash Restaurant Yerevan 
  3. Sherep Restaurant 
  4. Tsirani Garden
  5. Cascade Royal

But believe us, there is a huge amount of dining restaurants in Yerevan, that will make your mind blow with its service and tasty food. 

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Activity 11. Wonder at the carpet shop

Armenian Carpet
Armenian Carpet, Image Source; Getty Images

Armenian carpets are the ancient heritage coming out from the depth of the centuries. That reflects religious notions and sacred beliefs of the ancestors of the Armenians with one-of-a-kind examples made of natural fabrics and enchanting elements. 

To get a closer look at these extraordinary national values visit Megerian Carpet Museum. There you’ll find an array of antique treasure trove from the private collections of the Megerian family.

Activity 12. Visit the Genocide Memorial Complex

Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex, Yerevan
Genocide Memorial Complex, Image Source; Leonid Andronov

Educate yourself about the Armenian Genocide organized by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 when 1.5 million people were killed and shot and the rest became exiles and found their homes in other parts of the planet. 

Apart from the museum, there you’ll see a magnificent memorial and unquenchable fire lighting day and night to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide. 

Activity 13. Step back to medieval times

Geghard Monastery
Geghard Monastery, Image Source; Getty Images

Geghard Monastery is a thing that should not be missed. With an-hour-ride-tour, you’ll reach this medieval monetary that’s under UNESCO’s protection. It’s a spectacular building carved in the rocks and surrounded by cliffs. 

This is a unique site that creates a mysterious atmosphere together with numerous khachkars. The locals believe the spring waters in Geghard heal any kind of illness. This is an indispensable part of all kinds of tours. 

Activity 14. Go to the museum of ancient manuscripts

Matenadaran, Yerevan
Matenadaran, Image Source; Getty Images

Visit Matenadaran. It’s the richest depository of a vast collection of writings. Founded in the middle of the 20th century (1959), it keeps a wealth of ancient manuscripts and books.

Matenadaran is home to valuable treasures including cultural and scientific, cosmography and other cultural topics. 

Explore the marble interior and get acquainted with outstanding statues of Armenian scholars, especially the one devoted to Mesrop Mashtots (the creator of the Armenian alphabet) and his pupil. 

Activity 15. Shop a little and have fun in Dalma Garden Mall

Shopping Center, Yerevan
Shopping Mall, Image Source; Getty Images

Drive to the biggest mall in Yerevan – Dalma Garden Mall – towards the amazing end of the day.

Here not only you can do a successful shopping but also kick the best out of your time. Book a movie ticket or play a bowling, take a cup of coffee or just wander around in this huge shopping center.


BONUS SECTION: The best hotels to reside in Yerevan!

Hotel Room
Hotel Room, Image Source; Getty Images Pro

Here we bring a bonus section providing the list of the best hotels to stay in this beautiful capital. As mentioned above, Yerevan is praised for the high-level customer service, and the hotels are not an exception. 

Let’s see the list:

  1. Grand Hotel Yerevan
  2. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Yerevan
  3. Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan
  4. Radisson Blu Hotel Yerevan
  5. Opera Suite Hotel
  6. Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel
  7. Hyatt Place 

We know you’re already packing your suitcase! Welcome to the most colorful city in the world!


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