Best Things to do in Monhegan Island

Monhegan Island

Close to Maine (10 miles away from the middle coast), there is a small island, which is told to be the first area in the neighborhood that was settled by Portuguese and Basque people. As the island is located close to the sea, it was a great place for fishermen. Later it has become a cultural center and also very popular among tourists and is believed to be the destination of artists. Monhegan Island is a perfect location for those who love peaceful, calm and relaxing holidays. Visitors usually take boats departing from Port Clyde to reach the island. Near to the arriving dock, you can see the swimming and happy people enjoying their stay on the island. If you want to experience other beaches as well you can take a longer trip. Go to the Wharf Hill Road, then turn right to get to Main Street or a bit away to reach Swim Beach Road, a sandy beach near high rocks.

To explore the location and surroundings of the island thoroughly, we suggest looking through the guide below for better planning your trip to Monhegan Island. Find out the best things to do and the best places to go to

Things to do in Monhegan Island

  1. Go for hiking
  2. Explore nature
  3. See cultural destinations
  4. Drink beer
  5. Try local cuisine
  6. Go For Shopping
  7. Visit Monhegan Light
  8. Spa and Wellness 

1. Go hiking

Monhegan Island
Monhegan Island. Source Getty Images

Are you looking for a great trail in Monhegan? Those who are fond of hiking visit Monhegan because its infrastructure is suitable for hiking. There are many roads, especially for this purpose. For example, Burnt Head Road Trail, Whitehead Trail, Lobster Cove are the best choices for those who prefer short ways. To explore these trails on Monhegan Island, you need to take a boat ride from Port Clyde, New Harbor, or Boothbay Harbor. They will take you to the island no more than in an hour. Besides these, there are more than 18 other variants for visitors who have planned longer stay and prefer farther destinations such as Black Head Trail. It is a 2.3-kilometer trail and is not only for hiking but also for walking in nature or bird watching. 

2. Explore natural beauty 

Monhegan Nature
Monhegan Nature. Source Getty Images

One of the main advantages of this island is its exceptional nature. The whole location is full of plants that you cannot find anywhere else, vast forests with a variety of woods, flora, and fauna. The east-side-located cliffs are the highest throughout new England, the view towards the Atlantic ocean is breathtaking. The southern part suggests you a view of Lobster Cove that is also amazing. Duck Rocks close to Pebble Beach are the perfect place to see the birds migration that comes to the Island to have a rest and also to watch the whales and seals. 

Monhegan Island is fascinating in all the times of the day: nights are clear, the sky is full of stars, mornings are fresh and clean, dawns are amazing with variable colors of the horizon. Sometimes, especially at the end of summer, you can even enjoy the Northern Lights. 

The protection of the island is handled by Monhegan Associates. The association is responsible for keeping the natural beauty and attracting tourists

3. Discover arts and culture

Monhegan is very popular as a community of artists, consequently, arts and culture are highly developed here. Besides other sightseeings galleries and museums are top places to visit. During your vacation be sure to have time for attending several galleries, including the Lupine Gallery and, of course, the Monhegan Museum of Art and History. Both of them represent local art and history. The exhibits are mainly sculptures and paintings made by more than 50 artists. Moreover, you can enjoy the everyday exhibits and shows by the local community of artists in Donna Cundy Studio, Edison Studio, Mike Stiler Art, Cat Bates Jewelry. 

4. Enjoy beer and breweries

Eat, Eat, Eat… Source Getty Images

After long hikes and outdoor activities in the summertime, cold and energizing beer is just what you need. Monhegan has the most delicious beer produced by the Brewing Company. You can try these bitter but easy-to-drink beers in breweries such as German Kölsch, Trap Stacker Special Ale, Balmy Days.

5. Try local cuisine

For gourmands, Monhegan Island is a paradise. The local cuisine will satisfy your taste buds. It doesn’t matter if you are a picnic-lover or a fan of luxurious diners, you can find many places to eat.

One of the best cafes and restaurants is the Barnacle, which is the part of another Bed and Breakfast place – Island Inn. Barnacle offers beverages (both cold and hot), everything for picnics, and most tea. In the Island Inn, you can have a nice stay with an included breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Another place to eat is the Novelty that is very close to Monhegan House. Here you can try unbelievably delicious sweets – ice-cream and pies. And finally, you cannot be so close to the ocean and leave the island without trying local seafood. Fish House is the perfect place for it. You will find anything here: crabs, lobsters, octopuses, and much more yummies. While eating you can sit and enjoy the ocean view, or just take it and eat while walking and exploring the area.

6. Go for shopping

Do not go back home without souvenirs or gourmet delights from your trip to the island. Monhegan Island offers a wide range of markets and shops for gifts and souvenirs such as the Lupine Gallery, the Black Duck Emporium, the Barnacle, Elva’s Old Post Office Shop, Winter Works

7. Visit Monhegan Light

Monhegan Light
Monhegan Light. Source Getty Images

One of the most popular attractions of Monhegan Island is the Monhegan Lighthouse. The Monhegan Museum that owns the house now opens it on different occasions and seasons. It was first designed in 1822 by the United States Congress. After the construction, the light was more than 50 meters in height. In the past, there were special lightkeepers. But after the renovation and automation, the lightkeepers were no longer needed, thus the main job was done by Coast Guards. After the final reconstructions of the road to the lighthouse, it has become a must-visit place for tourists.

8. Spa and Wellness 

For passive vacationers, Monhegan Wellness is the best offer by the island. Get away from your stressful routine and be ready for creating happy healthy days. Yoga and spa procedures will make you talk with your body and discover new emotions. Besides the physical treatment, learn how to eat healthily. Specialized cookers will instruct you to change your eating habits and begin to eat healthier full of vitamins. Due to this center, you will be able to increase your energy, get rid of bad emotions, and improve your fitness.


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