Top 10 Best Spring Break Destinations

10 best Spring break destinations

Spring break is what all students dream about. After hard and annoying exams, spring vacation is the best decision for you. It doesn’t matter when you’re going, it’s where you are going. But it is not an easy task you may think. There are hundreds of places to attend and make a vacation. Realizing that preparing for this vacation without the proper knowledge is a bit difficult, below we have listed several amazing spring break ideas for you. Choose one of them depending on your preferences and budget.

The Top 10 best Spring Break Destinations are:

  1. New Orleans
  2. Denver, Colorado
  3. Orlando, Florida
  4. Depoe Bay, Oregon
  5. Indianapolis, U.S
  6. Grand Cayman, Caribbean
  7. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  8. Panama City Beach
  9. Puerto Ricco, Caribbean
  10. Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Be attentive to take a camera or large-storage phone with you, as you will meet tons of amazing places to take photos.

Place 1. New Orleans

New Orleans
New Orleans. Source Getty Images Pro

No matter the season New Orleans is one of the most unique places to go. It welcomes people from any part of the world to make an unforgettable vacation. Being the birthplace of jazz you will always be on the top of the fun. Music, festivals, warm emotions, and tasty food are everywhere. No vocation would be complete without eating New Orleans powdered beignets in Café du Monde.

Place 2. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado. Source Getty Images Pro

Dever is one of the best spring break destinations. Here you can find much to do starting from sightseeing up to biking and skiing. Denver is a center of museums, galleries and restaurants, art and music festivals. Want to go away from the active places, just spend your time in the Denver Botanic Gardens. In Springtime tourists are fewer than in the summertime. So if you are looking for a cheaper variant to take a vacation, Denver would be the best resource for you.

Place 3. Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida. Source Getty Images Pro

In central Florida, you will be hosted by Orlando city with its attractions, luxury hotels, restaurants and theme parks like Disney and Universal. It is absolutely a great place for friendly family vacations. Tourists like to be here between March and May when the climate is the best for outdoor activities, the air temperature allows you to perfectly take pleasure from the sun, sea and warm sand. Whether you have decided to spend your time in Orlando, be sure to find one of the many excellent deals at affordable prices.

Make your spring unforgettable!

Place 4. Depoe Bay, Oregon 

Depoe Bay, Oregon
Depoe Bay, Oregon. Source Getty Images Signature

Make a spring break vacation in Oregon, and be sure to spend very memorable days. Depoe Bay is a fantastic place for enjoying nature, fishing, hiking, or just relaxing. The coast of Depoe Bay is not that of white sandy flat beaches. Unlike other beaches, it is known with sharp and jagged rocks, white caps, and grey whales out at sea. Many visitors come here for gray whale watching in Whale Park that takes place all year round. Located on The Oregon coast it is a town allowing visitors to shop or dine within the view of the ocean. You will love it too.

Place 5. Indianapolis,  U.S

Indianapolis, U.S
Indianapolis,  U.S. Source Getty Images Signature

If you want to have a wonderful vacation somewhere funnier, just go to Indianapolis. There are excellent places and many things to do that will keep you busy during your whole vacation. Whether you are an animal lover, it promises you to spend a great time at Indianapolis Zoo. Most families are fond of exploring exhibits at the Children’s Museum or catching a game in Lucas Oil Stadium. If you are full of energy and need adrenaline be sure to feel extreme and strong emotions at Bad Axe Throwing. Here you can find the coolest games you have ever played.

Place 6. Grand Cayman, Caribbean

Grand Cayman, Caribbean
Grand Cayman, Caribbean. Source Getty Images Signature

Grand Cayman is one of the world’s gorgeous beaches with high-end hotels, shopping malls, healthy and fresh restaurants and finally wellness scenes. Relax your mind, body and soul due to the wellness spirit of Grand Cayman. Wellness on Grand Cayman happens without attending a single spa, it happens through just driving along the coast, attending yoga classes, or just looking at white sand beaches and sparkling blue water. Your Caribbean adventure in Grand Cayman wouldn’t be complete without attending Stingray City to swim with stingrays and starfish enjoying Caribbean waters. 

Place 7. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico. Source Getty Images Signature

Nothing is more pleasant than taking a vacation with your family. But you will get more if you visit the oldest city in New Mexico. Being a four-season destination, only in springtime Santa Fe welcomes a ton of visitors. Early mornings begin with unique food and fresh drinks, architecture and sightseeing cruises, memorable adventurous and ends with hot nightlife attractions. Despite its size, Santa Fe is a great historical and cultural town with more than 250 art galleries, like Nedra Matteucci Galleries, 19 world-renowned museums, like the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture and traditional Mexican cuisine. 

Place 8. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach
Panama City Beach. Source Pexels

For many years Panama City Beach was one of the top-visited spring break destinations that will make your vacation unbelievably interesting and full of joy. Everyone will fall in love with this sugar-white sand. But even far from the beach, you will have a wonderful day. Particularly nature lovers will be fond of eco-parks like Pier Park. For children, there is a special fun zone called Coconut Creek Family Fun Park with Gran Maze, the biggest labyrinth in America, and 18-hole Mini–Golf courses. As you can understand it is open for every member of your family.

Place 9. Puerto Ricco, Caribbean 

Puerto Ricco, Caribbean
Puerto Ricco, Caribbean. Source Getty Images

Say hello to Perto Ricco-one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean Islands. In spring here you can find everything to enjoy and make a great vacation- tropical beaches, historical and cultural museums, shopping centers, hot nightlife places. But among these attractions, it welcomes visitors from different parts of the world to take part in the best annual salsa music festivals ever. Do not miss taking a walk in the historical Old San Juan discovering city walls, citadels, tunnels, cannons and cobblestone streets. Even though you just need to rest, comfortable rooms in modern hotels is the way to go.

Place 10. Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado. Source Getty Images

Say farewell to boring days and stressful life and welcome to Colorado Springs. Springtime in Colorado Springs promises to make you a fantastic vacation full of attractions and adventures.

Enjoy hiking, biking, scenic trails and a variety of delicious food and beverage. Make sure to visit The Olympic Training Center and watch historic Olympic and Paralympic moments on HD projector screens. For car lovers, Penrose Heritage Museum is thoroughly free and always open to seeing turn-of-the-century race cars including William Henry Harrison’s carriages.


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