16 Best Places to Visit in October

Best places to visit in October

Autumn is approaching, and you’ve got the chance to cash in on a magical experience before the Christmas holidays. If you’re wondering about vacation ideas in the fall, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of 16 best places to visit in October.

Place 1. Jaipur, India

Jaipur, India
Jaipur, India. Source: Canva Pro

It’s time to celebrate the end of heavy rainfalls-monsoon. This is when you can visit some of the spangled Indian palaces or elephant sanctuaries, go shopping to the area of plenty of rising designer stars, and get acquainted with fashion.

Place 2. Holland

Holland. Source: Canva Pro

Holland is a place you’ll want to visit over and over again. Fall is a season to consider while packing your autumn coat to wrap up and explore Holland quaint canals, tasty cuisine, and local shops.

Place 3. Formentera, Spain

Formentera, Spain
Formentera, Spain. Source: Canva Pro

It’s a perfect site for a laid-back getaway. Formentera promises wild rest in stunning beaches and real warm weather until the end of October. No crazy night clubs, no chain restaurants of brand name store. It’s time to emerge in the core of nature and feel the refreshing freedom. 

Place 4. Iceland

Iceland. Source: Canva Pro

No other time is better than October to visit Iceland. This is an enchanting season when it’s dark after 6 pm, so you have increased chances to enjoy the magic of Northern Lights.

Place 5. Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara, California. Source: Canva Pro

The most stunning time to kick the best of Californian vibes is fall, October. Santa Barbara is a beach town with all the available activities for a cool vacation. Go to horse riding or taste wine, rent a bike, and dive yourself in swarming cafes, restaurants, shops. 

Funk Zone patio is the best place to stay active. While you can sit quite with arms crossed in the back and endlessly stare at the romantic side of the ocean with your beloved one. 

Place 6. Oman

Oman. Source: Canva Pro

With the highest temperatures descending in this month explore beautiful Oman in cooler conditions. Try the taste of the Eastern charm by hiking, camel racing, desert riding, etc. 

Visit the Muscat City Center, located in the capital of Oman, Muscat. That’s the largest mall in the country built by an Emirati businessman. Book a hotel with a mountain-edge infinity pool. The exceptional sensations of an astonishing evening view are promised to last forever!

Place 7. Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco
Casablanca, Morocco. Source: Canva Pro

Casablanca is poised to become the cultural capital of Africa with its alluring architecture and vibrant spice markets. Go on a well-rounded trip to Royal Palace and Hassan II Mosque. Also, don’t forget to stroll over the lively markets to discover the real culture of Morocco. 

Place 8. Churchill, Canada

Churchill, Canada
Churchill, Canada. Source: Canva Pro

If you’re a wildlife watcher than you’re at the right place at the right time.  This month of fall is when you can see polar bears gathered in the largest groups at the bus stop (obviously not waiting for the bus :). 

The reason for such behavior is the frozen Hudson Bay. So these gigantic creatives are starting their journey in search of seals.

Place 9. Japanese Alps, Japan 

Japanese Alps, Japan
Japanese Alps, Japan. Source: Canva Pro

While masses would be crazy by going to hanami (cherry blossom viewing), the Japanese Alps are another arresting view to contemplate in October. 

Vivid colors, greeny lakes, and rivers welcome travelers that have taken the mountain hiking trail. 

Reach to the top and get the award of inviting Japanese huts. Here you’re welcome to have cute-style dinner and let your aching limbs soothe a little fun. 

Go on treating yourself by taking your step to the hot-spring baths to upmarket business hotels, and merge into the real wanderlust.

Place 10. Cyprus

Cyprus. Source: Canva Pro

Cyprus offers a perfect swimming season in October enabled with the Middle East climate. Ta-dah! Besides the stunning shores, the cultural boom is waiting for you. 

Here you’ll find a wealthy history and culture dating back the old ages. Explore dramatically beautiful Troodos mountains and savor the exquisite taste of wine.

Place 11. Perugia, Italy

Perugia, Italy
Perugia, Italy. Source: Canva Pro

Do you have a sweet tooth? Go to Perugia in October where a ten-day sweet treat yummy festival is held. Umbria’s capital is turning to a place to celebrate the chocolate festival. 

There’s more to fascinate than just the taste chocolate in Perugia, however.

It’s also known for being a historical medieval center surrounded by defensive walls. Discover the opulent Priori Palace exhibiting the art of the thirteenth century.

Place 12. Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico
Los Cabos, Mexico. Source: Canva Pro

The luxurious hotel lovers will go crazy by the sundry options of premises where craziest birthday parties and elite events are hosted. Noted by its vitality and nightlife, here you can find all sorts of amusements.

Place 13. Seville, Spain

Seville Spain
Seville, Spain. Source: Canva Pro

Want to breathe some fresh air in a romantic place? Visit Seville in October where the streets are less windy and cafes are less crowded. Discover the passion of flamenco in the Triana neighborhood. Visit the vibrant landmarks of Alcázar castle complex and the Gothic Seville Cathedral of Christopher Columbus’s tomb

Place 14. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan. Source: Canva Pro

Get away from the trend-obsessed destinations and visit Taipei. The capital of Taiwan is an enchanting cultural mix of charming skyscrapers and modern shopping malls, Taoist temples, and lighting markets. Take a flashy city tour during October when the humidity drops down and the skies are clear. From the tallest tower of Taiwan, Miramar Ferris Wheel, enjoy the stunning view of Taipei.

Place 15. Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide, Australia. Source: Canva Pro

The vineyards are what Adelaide’s praised for. Feel the gastronomic revolution in this city with its vital food scenes. Visit the elegant and intimate restaurant of Orana and enjoy its upscale modern tasting menu.

Place 16. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE. Source: Canva Pro

Don’t visit Dubai in summer. Visit Dubai in October! That’s when the heat is descending from constant forty degrees and Dubai is taking a fresh new breath. That’s when the beach clubs and terraces spring to the new life. 

Take a tour to sandy deserts or visit the tallest and biggest tower galleries. Poke into the luxurious restaurants and drive lavish vehicles. 

In this article, we have assembled the list of the most favorite destinations to take during October. Follow this page and get the full insight into traveling perks and tips.


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