15 Best Flea Markets in Georgia Atalanta

15 Best Flea Markets in Georgia

Georgia is known as the home of The Coca-Cola Company and also as the top of producing the most delicious peanuts, pecans and best-known sweetest onions. Located in the south-east of the United States, Georgia has been one of the top-visited destinations for many years. Alongside many activities, Georgia attracts visitors by its flea markets. People, who love a good bargain, will be fond of these amazing markets. It has a wide variety of markets in almost every corner of the state. 

If you hate shopping days in the noisy big city malls, these small and comfortable markets will satisfy you.

Spending time wandering in these markets will always make you happier. You will never know what you can find there. Considering the number of these kinds of markets it is not as easy a task to choose one of them as you may think. 

Below you can find a guide to 15 best flea markets in North Georgia.

1.Bill’s Flea Market

Bill’s Flea Market
Bill’s Flea Market. Source Facebook

Bill’s Flea Market is located not far from Atlanta. It takes only 30 minutes to get there. It is open year-round and offers a wide variety of items. In this clean and family-oriented market, you can find everything from antiques, electricals (phones, notebooks, laptops) up to clothing, tools, and furniture. If you’re looking for a fresh local product, Bill’s Flea Market also features a great selection of fruit and vegetable vendors.

2.Irwin Street Market

Irwin Street Market
Irwin Street Market. Source Facebook

If you’re planning to spend a good day, the flea market called Irwin Street Market is just what you need. You cannot even imagine how many great products you can find at this small local market from tasty sandwiches and soups up to yummy ice creams. Irwin Street Market is happy to welcome all gourmands from different parts of the world to satisfy their taste buds.

3.I-75 Flea Market

I-75 Flea Market
I-75 Flea Market. Source Facebook

Welcome to one of the largest flea markets in Atlanta, Georgia. I-75 Flea Market is open year-round and every weekend from 9 am to 6 pm. Hundreds of tourists have already found great deals in this flea market. The turn is yours to get anything you want.  Do not worry about finding a place to park.

4.Scott Antique Market

Scott Antique Market
Scott Antique Market. Source Facebook

12 times a year on the second weekend of every month this indoor flea market becomes a home of 3500 vendors. You will always have an opportunity to find amazing antiques, collectibles, furniture, knick knacks․ Scott Antique Market is one of the most favorite places for American bargain hunters.  

5.Sweeties Flea Market

Sweeties Flea Market
Sweeties Flea Market. Source Facebook

Welcome to Georgia’s oldest flea market open year-round, on every Saturday and Sunday between 7:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. Located in Atlanta, Sweeties Flea Market has attracted many shoppers since 1947. This small but unique market is a great choice to buy collectibles, clothing, furniture. Be sure to enjoy a delicious beer while shopping on hot summer days.

6.West Georgia Flea Market

West Georgia Flea Market
West Georgia Flea Market. Source Facebook

West Georgia is another both outdoor and indoor flea market. It offers everything such as antiques, soaps, home decor, furniture, candles, handmade gifts, clothing. Besides making great deals you can also have a tasty lunch in their own restaurant. West Georgia Flea Market is open from every Monday to Thursday between 9 am – 3 pm and on every Friday between 9 am – 4 pm.

7.Smiley’s Flea Market

Smiley’s Flea Market
Smiley’s Flea Market. Source Facebook

Smiley’s Flea Market has been providing bargains at affordable prices since 1984. It is one of the finest places to buy a wide range of items and get a chance to find whatever you are looking for. So many vendors and so many choices in one place. 

8.Pendergrass Flea Market

Pendergrass Flea Market
Pendergrass Flea Market. Source Facebook

Pendergrass is the region’s largest indoor flea market. It is only 45 minutes away from Downtown Atlanta. This local flea market is a great place for families to come together and enjoy buying fresh fruit and vegetables, along with other new and old items. Here you will find different cuisine from local to Asian.

9.Lakewood 400 Antiques Market

Lakewood 400 Antiques Market
Lakewood 400 Antiques Market. Source Facebook

Being in the market for more than 20 years, Lakewood 400 Antiques Market has become one of the top-visited flea markets in Georgia. Initially, it was founded at the Southeastern FairGrounds in Atlanta, but then has moved to Cumming, Atlanta offering a good variety of 500 vendors in 75000 square-feet area. Usually it is open the third weekend of every month from Friday to Sunday. Here you can find anything, including antique furniture, vintage apparel, collectibles, coins.

10.Keller’s Flea Market

Keller’s Flea Market
Keller’s Flea Market. Source Facebook

Keller’s Flea Market is open every Saturday and Sunday between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. It offers almost 600 stalls, six delicious food courts, a barbershop, restrooms, and a flea market at bargain prices. This market offers tools, appliances, computers, fragrance oils, coins, furniture. Welcome to find much more.

11.Georgia Mountain Market

Georgia Mountain Market
Georgia Mountain Market. Source Facebook

Georgia Mountain Market is a place to stop and spend your morning exploring different booths and shops that are open year-round between Friday to Sunday. Visitors can at first taste authentic Southern food and rest, then to buy a wide variety of antiques, apparel, electronics, and repairs, etc.

12.Oakland City MarketPlace

Oakland City MarketPlace
Oakland City MarketPlace. Source Facebook

Located in one of the old districts of Atlanta, Oakland City MarketPlace welcomes shoppers all seven days of the week. More than 20 boutiques offer different antiques, books, clothing, housewares, furniture, etc. If you come to Georgia do not miss to stop by Oakland City MarketPlace.

13.The Barnyard Flea Markets

The Barnyard Flea Markets
The Barnyard Flea Markets. Source Facebook

Barnyard Flea Markets is one of the most awesome places. Besides making great deals it is a perfect way to spend your time buying a lot of different things. This flea market in Atlanta welcomes tons of shoppers offering vendors and hours of family fun. Shoppers can try delicious food at the market’s restaurants.  

14.Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market & Antique Centre

Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market & Antique Centre
Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market & Antique Centre. Source Facebook

Peachtree Peddlers is one of the best indoor and outdoor markets in the region located in McDonough, Georgia. This antique store is one of the great choices for bargain lovers to find tools, candles, perfume, kitchen goods, apparel, computers, toys, etc. The Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market & Antique Centre offers many booths and vendors, a Mexican restaurant, and other eating facilities to its visitors. It is open on all working days, except Wednesday, from 11 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

15.A Classy Flea

A Classy Flea
A Classy Flea. Source Facebook

A Classy Flea is an antique market in Georgia. It welcomes collectors to find great prices by more than 25 vendors. Being in the market for more than 20 years and open all seven days a week it has everything to offer from furniture, home decor, jewelry to books and paintings.


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