Top 10 Best Babymoon Destinations

Best Baby-moon Destinations

Congratulations on your upcoming new addition. All mothers-to-be realize as the baby arrives their lives will be changed thoroughly. Besides the happiness and joy, it will bring sleepless nights, tiredness and all-day-long-cooking. 

So to be mentally prepared for this new routine, a romantic and relaxing babymoon with your partner might be what you need. We have listed the safest and most comfortable babymoon ideas below. Choose one of them depending on your preferences and weather and get the chance to reconnect with your spouse and have a great vacation.

The Top 10 best Babymoon Destinations are:

  1. Camden, Maine
  2. Catalina Island, California 
  3. Venice, Italy
  4. Sedona, Arizona
  5. Woodstock, Vermont
  6. Parrot Cay, Caribbean
  7. The Phoenix, Arizona
  8. Galway, Ireland
  9. Rincón, Puerto Rico
  10. Dublin, Ireland

Before making bookings, be sure to get advice from your doctor whether it is the right moment to travel.

Place 1. Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine
Camden, Maine. Source Getty Images

Also called Jewel of the Maine Coast Camden is located in Midcoast Maine. Due to its hiking trails, picnic areas, beauty, and picturesque views, it attracts hundreds of visitors from all over the world. The peaceful and relaxing environment is just what you need for a romantic babymoon vacation. Beside many outdoor activities, you can take a walk with tastings through Maine Foodie Tour. Join this 3 hours long tasty tour and at the same time experience local culture, art, history, and agriculture. Attend ballet and musical spectacles at Camden’s 120-year-old opera house with a 489-seat auditorium. Make your Camden trip unforgettable.

Place 2. Catalina Island, California 

Catalina Island, California
Catalina Island, California. Source Getty Images

Catalina Island is located almost 30 miles off the coast of Los Angeles and is like a mini Mediterranean. Far from the stress and pressure of the mainland, Catalina is the right choice to stay alone with your spouse, especially if you love to spend your babymoon soaking in the sun, walking in Catalina coasts and lunch on the ocean-view Harbor Reef Restaurant. Spend days exploring its legendary past and traditions. Catalina offers a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, depending on your preferences and budget. One more benefit of this destination is super-safety. Have the most vacation on the best island of Southern California. 

Place 3. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy. Source Juan Moyano

Venice is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. It is beautiful in any season of the year. Though if you are going to take sightseeing trips the best time is mid-spring. Almost all tourists will confirm that despite the time of year you’re in Venice, you should not leave without visiting the symbol of the city-Gondola Ride. Especially in early Spring, late Autumn, or winter, it will be the greatest way to experience Venice’s picturesque canals, palaces, architecture, and take unique photos. If you are looking for a romantic babymoon, crowded, but quiet and peaceful Venice waits for you.

Place 4. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona. Source Getty Images

If you have no idea where to babymoon, go to explore Sedona. There are lots of adventures and things to do just for pregnant women. Make a tour through the most picturesque places in Sedona, then a romantic dinner for you and your partner in Cucina Rustica restaurant. Along with pricey restaurants and places, you can just spend your days walking in the main streets full of souvenirs and clothing shops and affordable restaurants. A must-to-do thing is to visit Sedona’s famous “Vortexes”. These places are known for their powerful spiritual energy that allows you to create a balance between your mind, body, and soul. Have a fantastic babymoon.

Place 5. Woodstock, Vermont 

Woodstock, Vermont
Woodstock, Vermont. Source Getty Images

If you are fond of seeing historical and cultural buildings, colonial architecture, parks, and galleries, then one of the prettiest New England villages, Woodstock should be your babymoon destination. Tourists fall in love with old red barn and outbuildings, brilliant colored trees, and covered bridges. Visit Vermont’s Only National Historical Park that was established in 1992 and opened to the public in 1998. 

It is worth it to be at a maple syrup and cheese farm called Sugarbush Farm. Here you can surprise your taste buds with more than 10 types of cheese and syrups while walking through the maple trees and learning how the syrup is made. 

Place 6.  Parrot Cay, Caribbean

Parrot Cay, Caribbean
 Parrot Cay, Caribbean. Source Getty Images

Now it is time to go to Parrot Cay. It is located on the western side of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Parrot Cay is a destination for everybody. During your babymoon, you can relax and entertain yourself with many activities on this private island. Try prenatal yoga classes, experience full-body massage and other spa treatments, swim in the blue ocean water, or sunbathe on the sugar-white sand. Visit Turtle Cove, have dinners at specialized seafood restaurants and get the best night’s sleep in one of the luxury or boutique hotels. Take a babymoon trip on Parrot Cay’s beaches before 

Place 7. The Phoenix, Arizona

The Phoenix, Arizona
The Phoenix, Arizona. Source Getty Images

The next perfect destination for your babymoon is The Phoenix. From late autumn up to Early spring is the best time to be in this one-of-the-kind babymoon destination. In Phoenix, you will enjoy seeing many skyscrapers, historic landmarks, gardens, world-class museums. One of the greatest museums is Pueblo Grande Museum Archeological Park-an archaeological site left from the area’s earliest settlers, the Hohokam people. When it comes to eating in Phoenix you will taste best-known steaks and Mexican cuisine, and the tastiest pizza in Pizzeria Bianco. Explore Phoenix before the big day of your life.

Place 8. Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland
Galway, Ireland. Source Getty Images

Galway, located in West Ireland is a great destination for mothers-to-be. It is a charming Irish city where you will never feel bored. Instead, here you can meet old-fashioned pubs, seafood restaurants, and various natural beauty views. Streets in Galway are so beautiful and interesting that you can walk and talk for hours. Do not miss to be in Shop Street-one of the liveliest parts of Galway. While in this street stop by the shops and buy jars of old-fashioned sweets, hand-made fragrances, and candles. Welcome to Galway and get memories for a lifetime. 

Place 9. Rincón, Puerto Rico

Rincón, Puerto Rico
Rincón, Puerto Rico. Source Getty Images

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the beauty of nature Rincon is a perfect place. For many years it has been one of the top-visited spots. From first sight, it is a destination for only surfing and diving, but do believe it is also a place to discover interesting historical and cultural resources. One more reason for visitors to come here is the amazing sunsets, the cuisine and twilight colors of this town. Many Rincon beaches are a paradise for surf lovers, but even for future mothers trying to relax through yoga classes there are special sandy beaches including Sandy Beach. Visit Rincon before the big day comes. 

Place 10. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland. Source Getty Images

Taking a babymoon is a long-awaited period for all women. Where to go to rest and relax if not Dublin. This capital city is rich with cultural and historical landmarks and traditions. Never leave this place without visiting Dublin’s Museum of Modern Art houses. Here you can find a wide variety of modern and contemporary artworks, masterpieces and sculptures. If you have extra time, walk across The Ha’penny Bridge. It is another sightseeing with an interesting structure and design to stop and enjoy. 

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