13 Best and Cool Things to Do in Tulsa

Best things to do in Tulsa

With the must-see landmarks to offer, Tulsa is known for oddly beautiful art deco buildings, that lure people in. Situated in the state of Oklahoma, Tulsa offers enchanting highlight to its visitors along with a lively history to study. 

Here is our list of the 13 best things to do in Tulsa:  

Place 1. Pay homage to the Jazz Hall of Fame

Jazz Depot
Jazz Hall of Fame, Source: flickr

Tulsa was home to jazz celebrities that have left a profound trace on the music world. Go to exhibitions held in this center to discover the mundane and musical lives of these musicians.

In Tulsa, you can be a part of live performances in the Grand Concourse. There are special days devoted to free jam sessions. Don’t miss them! 

Place 2. Visit Philbrook

Philbrook Museum of Art
Philbrook Museum of Art, Source: billknightlincoln

This is a former villa of an oil magnate that has transferred into the art museum. The villa itself is a stylish landmark where well-thought-out artworks are held. The enchanting greenery and lake surrounding it make the place even more attractive. 

If you’re visiting Tulsa with a group, take a daily tour to discover this classy art venue at no cost. 

Place 3. Discover American art

Gilcrease Museum
Gilcrease Museum, Source: flickr

Being a city of the art decors, the must-see things are statues and facilities representing American art. Go to the Gilcrease Museum to learn about history and art. 

Its comprehensive collection can be investigated during a daily city tour that is also totally free.

Place 4. See art deco icons

Boston Avenue Methodist Church
Methodist Church, Source: flickr

While strolling along Boston Avenue, you’ll encounter the Methodist Church that is a great specimen of an ecclesiastic art deco design. 

The church building is admired for all the angles possible. Its complex design worth being appreciated from the aesthetical point of view. A lot of life events and music fests are taking place here annually.

Place 5.  Explore the Air and Space Museum

Tulsa Air and Space Museum
Tulsa Air and Space Museum, Source: flickr

Opened in 1998, this museum now covers eighteen acres of space. Its planetarium, opened in 2006, is the first of its kind in the state of Oklahoma.  

It’s of good interest for those longing for scientific exhibitions and historic aircraft. Don’t miss the show in the planetarium while visiting this place.

The active flow of visitors states its big attractiveness. 

Place 6. Taste the American breweries

Solera Brewery
Solera Brewery, Source: Courtesy Yelp/American

In a great variety of breweries in Tulsa, choose the one called Solera. It’s one of the best-name taprooms across Tulsa. It’s a real paradise for all kinds of brewery lovers. Here you’ll sip local crafts and taste wonderful meal. It’s a perfect place to pass great leisure time. 

Place 7. Orbit the Cain’s Ballroom

Cain's Ballroom
Cain’s Ballroom, Source: Getty Images

This place is the favorite for live music lovers. Founded in 1924, it still keeps its iconic reputation without yielding a single step to the other top music venues across the state. 

This center is the city’s hot-spot especially while hosting music stars like Bob Dylan and Fleet Foxes.

Place 8. Attend Tulsa’s parks

Guthrie Green.
Guthrie Green, Source: Pexels

The most famous garden in Tulsa is called Guthrie Green. This is a park that grants serenity and brings calmness of green to your eyes. This lovely urban garden features shaded footpaths and is sometimes home for citywide activities and fitness classes. 

Place 9. Bright up your mind in Cirque Coffee

Cirque Coffee
Cirque Coffee: Source: Getty Images

This coffee shop will wow the java nerds to grab a cup of joe. The Cirque Coffee is situated in the Pearl District and boasts with its seasonal blends and signature drinks.

It’s praised for being the only in the state that has the Slayer espresso machine at its disposal. You’ll get stunned after a step into the premise with an oddly beautiful interior design that makes sense with the world of coffee-making. 

Place 10. Attend local markets

Seasonal Market
Seasonal Market, Source: Getty Images

You can’t consider your trip completed if you don’t visit the local market. Here, in the Seasonal Farmer’s lively market you’ll be provided a real organic procedure.

In addition to the diversity of herbs, dairy products, and so forth, you’ll fully enjoy the taste of the local bakery and be offered diverse garden crafts.

Place 11. Try classic cocktails 

Hodges Bar
Hodges Bend, Source: Pexels

Imagine a long day with a long trip with colorful impressions. It’s time to go to the classical cocktail bar in Tulsa, called Hodges Bend, sit in the corner, and enjoy the most lovingly-crafted cocktails in the city. 

By coming to this well-thought-of place, you’ll be served delicious food and stellar wine. 

Place 12. Enjoy your time in the Circle Cinema

The Circle Cinema
Circle Cinema, Source: Getty Images Pro

It’s always updating its programming trying to satisfy the needs of all kinds of customers. From classical to art house, from documentaries to foreign films, everything is included in the program. 

Place 13. Dive in the sealife

Oklahoma Aquarium
Oklahoma Aquarium, Source: Pixabay

If you’re a marine lover, visit the Oklahoma Aquarium. Being home to two hundred marine specimens, there are theme exhibitions held in more than 72000 square feet area. 

Wherever you visit in Tulsa, each and every corner welcomes you with attractive scenes and an inviting atmosphere.


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