Best Ways of Finding Travel Buddies Online

Best Ways to Find Travel Buddies Online

Traveling with a buddy is a shared experience to reminisce with the warmest and happiest memories from the road. And finding travel buddies online is underlying magic to tell those stories after a long time to each other.

You don’t have to necessarily call a friend from your childhood. Travel buddy is someone that becomes your treasured companion having lived those miraculous moments whom you found during your trip.

That’s why we want to show you 4 effective ways of finding travel buddies online through specific websites, travel forums, apps, or social channels.

Let’s start the party! 

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Way 1. Use websites for finding travel buddies online

Finding a travel friend is interesting, yet a tough process. Using certain websites will streamline the way to find your companion.

Website 1. GAFFL

GAFFL | Source Akib Amin

All sorts of travel activities are included in GAFFL. All kinds of itineraries are referred to as well. It’s about city tours, road rides or adventures. 

You have the chance to also watch the tours shared by other community members. There is a ‘Discover’ button to connect with people.

You need to pass the four-step process of verification for the best safety. The site is trustworthy since it provides additional proof of social.

On this platform, it’s possible to share the costs at any stage you find convenient. It can be before or during your traveling, choosing the best method of payment. 

For further details about how this website works, click on the ‘Help’ button.

Website 2. Trip Together

Trip Together
Trip Together

A great thing about Trip Together is the huge database containing information about thousands of travelers who switched to this in the social platform.  That’s an easy way to encounter your travel partners.

You should sign up and complete your profile. There are filters to help you choose easier.  Find your partner and connect him/her by just a simple message based on your common interests. 

And all this is free. Yet, you’re free to switch to upgraded membership that makes it possible to get more profound results. 

Website 3. Trip Giraffe

This website works on the typical strategy of joining the existing trip and see the results, or create your own and wait for others to join. It’s also about defining the formats of your journey. Find useful information about how to pass your traveling in the blog section.

Website 4. Travel Sisters

Travel Sisters is considered only for women. That’s to unite female power and investigate the secrets of the globe together. Travel Sister’s main feature is doing charity for places that are damaged by tourism.  

After having filled your data, wait for the automatic search of your exact matches and say them ‘hi’ with the hope to connect.

Website 5. 5W: Women Welcome Women WorldWide

This is probably the oldest website created for funding only buddies for joining trips. Created in 1984 in the UK, this website is targeting the audience that was once young in the 80s. 

Like the former one, this website is also involving women to help each other in the traveling routine. 

It’s like a big community that shares experience and gives hospitality.

To get the list of the registered members, fill in the form of application. In the database, you’ll find all the info that fits in the scopes of your attractions. 

Website 6. Global Greeter Network

The way this website works differs a little. It’s promoting cities for starting their greeting journey. 

More than 100 cities are involved in the program that offers guided tours. Friendly volunteers will be waiting for you to help you discover notable places. 

All you need to do is to fill up the application including the basic info about yourself and your interests. That’s to help in bringing the matching volunteer. Bear in mind to start the process long before your trip as it might take a few weeks. 

All the other stuff, like where to meet your guide, etc., will be provided beforehand.  

Way 2. Use travel forums for finding travel buddies online

Yet, the other, though considered an old-fashioned way to connect with your partners-for-trip is travel forums. Below find some of them. 

Travel forum 1. Lonely Planet Thorn Tree

This is considered to be the most abundant travel forum. Expect a wide range of responses as quickly as possible after having requested an answer. 

Travel forum 2. CSTN Google group

The specification of this travel forum is the focus of single travelers. So make sure you fit this category before posting and waiting for replies.

Way 3. Use apps for finding travel buddies online

Why not try all the sources for the best results? Below find the app to find your best-matching trip-fellow.

App 1. Travello

Travello App
Travello App

This is an ordinary app whose main objective is to help all the travelers find the best-matching partners for the road. Here you’ll see mate options with the same interests and goals and will get people close by, no matter that you’re ready for traveling now or not. 

Like all the ordinary apps, in Travello you need to register and complete your profile. After feeling all the data, you need to connect it to Insa account and invite your friends on Facebook. 

After this phase, go on adding the itinerary you prefer taking and see who’s there waiting for you. You can connect with people by the message of the app. Here you can upload your photos or write some tips and questions.

Way 4. Using social media for finding travel buddies online

Being the most engaging places, these platforms will help you find whatever on Earth you’re trying to find. No info and no special traveling profile needed.

Just give you a question, and get the response. Many chances to even find your travel buddy! 

Social media 1. Facebook groups

It’s a great place to share ideas on travel plans. All types of people are joining special groups, which are mostly private. 

Social media 2. Twitter

Twitter is a social platform of ‘speaking’. So just by being active here and following those who are reporting about their preferred destinations, you can engage with them and expect the meeting up.

Hopefully, after having tried these options, you’ll reach your complete-match travel buddy and kick the best out of your trip! 

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