25 fun things to do in Orange Country California

Best Things in Orange Country California

Travelers planning California vacation mostly dream about Orange County and its sun-kissed beaches, Disneyland park, restaurants and innumerable outdoor and indoor attractions.

In our today’s article, we have prepared a list of the top 25 fun things to do in Orange Country. Be sure to spend memorable days with your family and friends filled with positive emotions and joy.

1. Disneyland Park 

Disneyland Park
Disneyland Park. Source Medium

Are you looking for a perfect playful family vacation in California? Disneyland Park waits for you to meet your needs offering a one-day fantastic tour full of funny games, magic dinners, roller coasters, and memorable photos. Those who want to get good deals should visit Disneyland at any time except holidays and weekends. 

2. International Surf Museum

International Surf Museum
International Surf Museum. Source Facebook

The International Surfing Museum is popular among surfing-lovers around the world. This non-profit museum is aimed at preserving surf culture. Visitors will find different types of historic surfboards, detailed information about surfers of all times, as well as moves on surfing and surfers’ lives. 

3. Orange County’s Great Park

Orange County’s Great Park
Orange County’s Great Park. Source Facebook

Orange County’s Great Park has been a top-visited park for many years. It offers tons of things to provide you a unique kind of adventurous vacation. Most visitors are fond of The Great Park Balloon, which takes you 400 feet above allowing you to enjoy the picturesque landscape of Orange County.

4. Crystal Cove State park

Crystal Cove State park
Crystal Cove State park. Source Getty Images

Another vacation destination in Orange County is Crystal Cove State Park with a beautiful beach and woodland. If you are fond of camping, hiking, scuba diving, and mountain biking it will surely become one of your favorite spots in California. It is always open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

5. Legoland

Legoland. Source Facebook

The Lego-themed park called Legoland is one of the favorite places for kids. It offers about 60 rides built out of Lego bricks. Besides enjoying how your kids play, you can also take a look at big LEGO block creations in Miniland. Be sure your children will appreciate you for these moments.

6. The Anaheim GardenWalk

The Anaheim GardenWalk
The Anaheim GardenWalk. Source Facebook

The Anaheim GardenWalk is a beautiful spot in Orange County offering different kinds of outdoor entertainment, eateries, and shopping centers. Vacationers like the magic Dara Beauty store where they can try different costumes and make-ups of favorite characters from Disneyland and take photos for lifetime memories. 

7. Pirate Tower 

Pirate Tower
Pirate Tower. Source Getty Images Signature

This mysterious 60-foot Pirate Tower is located in Laguna Beach. Originally it was a summer holiday cottage of Senator William Edward Brown’s family. But nowadays due to its beautiful architecture and design, it has become one of the most visited landmarks in California.

8. Balboa Fun Zone

Balboa Fun Zone
Balboa Fun Zone. Source Getty Images

The Balboa Fun Zone is another funny destination for all ages in Orange County. Every year almost seven million visitors come to take a ride on Ferris Wheel and enjoy the fantastic views of Newport Harbor and the Pacific Ocean. Additionally here you can just rent bikes and enjoy the park while biking. 

9. Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Children’s Museum
Pretend City Children’s Museum. Source Facebook

Pretend City Children’s Museum is a specially designed city aimed at boosting your children’s development and helping them recognize the world. Many parents have already visited this museum allowing their children to discover the real world via various educational and funny games, professional roles, and social skills. 

10. Medieval Times Buena Park

Medieval Times Buena Park. Source Medievaltimes

Medieval Times Buena Park is a place full of indoor attractions to spend amazing days with your friends and family. Particularly adventurous children will fall in love with the acrobatic moves, fairy-tale princesses, horse ridings, curious competitions, and tomfoolery. 

11. Catalina Flyer

Catalina Flyer
Catalina Flyer. Source Wiki

The Catalina Flyer is a fantastic opportunity to catch breathtaking views of this island. It departs every day at 9.00 a.m from Newport Beach and comes back at 4:30 p. m. It has three-deck boats that offer snack bars, full bars along with many indoor and outdoor seatings.

12. Dine On A Yacht

Dine On A Yacht
Dine On A Yacht. Source Getty Images Signature

Spend a wonderful evening on the yacht having a fine dinner with innovative menus as well as regionally-inspired cuisine to experience the cultural traditions of the location. Eat, relax, and take photos to make lifetime memories with your family and friends.

13. Hands-On Ocean Exploration

The Ocean Institute
The Ocean Institute. Source Scukrov

Since 1977 The Ocean Institute located in Dana Point Harbor offers Hands-On Ocean Exploration aiming to teach its visitors details of ocean underwater life and wild animal activities. Particularly the little members of your family will burn with curiosity to see big whales and dolphins along with other amazing creatures.

14. Angels Baseball

Angels Baseball
Angels Baseball. Source Getty Images Signature

Being home to baseball Angels Stadium of Anaheim or as called Anaheim Stadium is another way to spend your holidays. It offers many great ways to enjoy baseball games. So get with the daily program to not miss a chance of watching your favorite ball games with your friends or lovely ones.

15. Historic Old Towne Orange

Historic Old Towne Orange
Historic Old Towne Orange. Source Pinterest

Welcome to the heart of Orange County. Take a walk through Old Towne Orange exploring historic museums, art galleries, boutiques, antique stores, and finally try the most delicious briskets, smoked chicken wings at Smoqued California Barbeque, or make your pizzas at Blaze Pizza. 

16. Explore The Tidepools

Explore The Tidepools
Explore The Tidepools. Source Getty Images

In these unique tide pools, you will find various the most beautiful magic-colored creatures in your life like orange and purple sea stars, green sea lettuce, mussels, hermit crabs, turban snails, and much more. Do not hurry to leave this place as every tide pool has its creatures and plants to explore.

17. South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza
South Coast Plaza. Source Facebook

Even shopaholics will leave Orange County full of good emotions and gifts. Being one of the main global shopping centers, South Coast Plaza waits for its visitors to offer about 250 extraordinary boutiques and big brands like Cartier, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, etc. 

18. Dining with Pirates 

Dining with Pirates
Dining with Pirates. Source Facebook

Get ready to have a fantastic day at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Buena Park. You will be seated at a ship led by a pirate and then the show will go on. On the way, while you will enjoy your dinner with delicious chicken, salads, chocolate cakes, and tea drinks, magically dressed actors and singers will take you back to the 18th-century.

19. iFLY Oceanside Indoor Skydiving

iFLY Oceanside Indoor Skydiving
iFLY Oceanside Indoor Skydiving. Source Facebook

Trying to satisfy tourists of any preferences, Orange County offers Indoor Skydiving. This kind of thrilling attraction will attract those who are fond of extreme flights. iFLY Oceanside welcomes tons of visitors every year to provide a safe and real indoor skydiving experience.

20. Go Ziplining

Go Ziplining
Go Ziplining. Source Getty Images Pro

If you are someone who loves a good rush of adrenaline, ziplining is just for you. Orange County offers many safe ziplines for all members of your family. One of the most popular zipline locations is Big bear consisting of nine different lines with 6’5” maximum height. But there is more than just ziplines: you will like jeep ride and suspension bridge too.

21. Orange County Zoo

Orange County Zoo
Orange County Zoo. Source Getty Images Pro

The Orange County Zoo is a beautiful huge park focusing on plants and animals specific to the southwestern U. S., including mountain lions, turkey vultures, ocelot, black bears, porcupine, etc. For children, there are even special educational programs aimed at providing a deeper knowledge of local wildlife.

22. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood. Source Facebook

Located in Orange County Universal Studios Hollywood are the only authentic film studios and theme parks all over the world. Besides U.S. locals who adore this place, visitors from different parts of the world come to discover how the studio works as well as spend adventurous days due to magic rides such as The Revenge of the Mummy, Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls, The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.

23. Cruise The Coast Highway

Cruise The Coast Highway
Cruise The Coast Highway. Source Getty Images Pro

Being the most scenic spot in America, Pacific Coast Highway has many things to explore. A-day long cruise along the coast will be a good opportunity to see and enjoy all the natural beauty of beach downs, the unique architecture of cities. Since the Pacific Coast Highway officially starts from Fort Bragg, it will be the first place with amazing sea views and a chance to eat incredibly tasty local cuisine in open-air cafes. 

24. Dana Wharf 

Dana Wharf
Dana Wharf. Source Getty Images

Situated about 30 minutes south of Disneyland, Dana Wharf Dolphin and Whale Watching is one of the lovely places in Orange County. Dana Point Harbor is rich with sea creatures especially with amazing whales and dolphins that attract hundreds of visitors that come to view their inspiring “playing”.

25. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum 

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library
The Richard Nixon Presidential Library. Source Facebook

Located about 15 minutes from the Anaheim Convention Center, The Richard Nixon Library is the museum of Richard Milhous Nixon presenting both his childhood and presidential days in the White House. Besides the museum, it also holds various concerts and events and welcomes many local and foreign tourists.


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