15 Best Places to Visit in November

Best Places to Visit in November

Ah, November! The weather is getting colder and you haven’t traveled the way you planned yet. Where to go with your friends, family, or your special one during the last month of the fall?

Don’t think the weather will be an obstacle! Moreover, there is a score of exotic locations where November is a peak season for traveling. 

Wonder about which travel destination to choose in November? Check out our suggestions on the best places to visit in November

Suggestion 1. Santa Monica to live a blissful vibe 

Santa Monica
Santa Monica, images source; Lunamarina

The climate in Santa Monica is agreeable all year round. But consider traveling there in November. The powder-white beaches make this place a heavenly stop for a pre-winter escape.

Clean beaches and entertainment places, malls, and fancy shops make this vibrant city a perfect travel destination. 

Suggestion 2. Hawaii to experience the tropical atmosphere

Hawaii, image source; Getty Images Pro

Hawaii is famous for its big celebration of Thanksgiving day. And this festival is held in November. Hawaii stands to be one of the best places to visit in November for its crystal-clean shores and warm climate. The US state hits the top because of being a good mixture of local tastes along with vivid urban life.  

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Suggestion 3. Athens to investigate the antique city heritage

Athens, image source; Tilialucida

If you are keen to discover the treasures of the past, visit Athens. This is a less crowded place with much to explore. During the last month of autumn, Athens offers less touristic flow.  

Visit well-known Acropolis dating back to the fifth century and take your step towards the National Archeological Museum. Take a look at the powerful civilization that was reigning at these places so many years ago.

Suggestion 4. Colorado to look at the fabulous beauty

Colorado, image source; Getty Images Pro

For those looking out for fascinating festivals and extremal forms of the winter sports take your way to Colorado in this month of the year.

This destination offers something special for every traveler. Colorado is home to several ski-resorts and Takayama activities. 

Suggestion 5. New York to feel the thrill

New York
New York, image source; Getty Images Pro

No doubt NYC is the best place to visit in November. From splurging shops to lively streets, you’ll get your best deal in this colorful city. 

Suggestion 6. Budapest to go skating

Budapest, image source; Getty Images Pro

Budapest is a real dream destination for those yearning for cool winter vacations. Activities like skating are high-ranking making the Hungarian capital an idyllic place for extreme skating lovers.  

Suggestion 7. Copenhagen to live a fairytale vacation

Copenhagen, image source; Getty Images Pro

Copenhagen means a lot to people of all ages. It’s youthful and historic with the trendiest shops and cultural places dating back to Bronze Age. Visit the world’s oldest amusement park Tivoli Gardens to have the time of your life in this nineteenth-century-style romantic place. 

Copenhagen is famous for its seventeenth-century canals making it the waterfront area where wooden ships are moored. 

Suggestion 8. Thailand to feel the bliss in the air

Thailand, image source; Pexels

Now starts the highest tourist season in Thailand. It’s a perfect time to go everywhere in the country without dense groups of people. 

Travel to the town of Lopburi to participate in the Monkey Festival. During the banquet, the local people feed monkeys allowing them to help themselves from the long tables of rice. 

Suggestion 9. Sri Lanka to dive in a lush greenery

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, image source; Getty Images Pro

Sri Lanka is known for its surreal beauty and rich cultural heritage. The prehistoric human settlements are dating back at 125.000 years. 

This is a decent place to enjoy the stunning views of lush greenery and exotic wildlife. 

Suggestion 10. Cuba to explore the melting pot of cultures

Cuba, image source; Getty Images Pro

Cuba purveys a mesmerizing experience to travelers by its natural beauty. You’ll pass your best vacation in Cuba smoking special cigars and going on a Havana tour. 

Suggestion 11. Patagonia to get lost in ‘Mundo Verde’

Patagonia, image source; Getty Images Pro

Patagonia is a perfect vacation spot with rich greenlands and devastating deserts. Its natural beauty is enhanced by the flourishing rivers of Colorado and Barrancas.

Suggestion 12. Ethiopia to get acquainted with the old history

Ethiopia, image source; GeGetty Images Pro

This country is like nowhere else on the planet with its matchless history and fabulous wildlife. Here the most soulful people on the Planet are living making Ethiopia a desired place to visit.

It’s a noticeable spot where the oldest skeletons of modern-day humans have been found. Ethiopia is praised for its educating museums making you immerse into the human race past-life. 

Suggestion 13. Lisbon to enjoy the eclectic nightlife 

Lisbon, image source; Getty Images Pro

Portugal’s capital has many tons of character. The lively streets with people standing on the corners, the tasteful wine – everything will make you feel you belong here. Being a southern city, Lisbon differs a lot from other European cities with its milder weather conditions.

The abundant cafes and night clubs, eclectic cultural life are what Lisbon is worth attending. For those loving traveling without hustle and bustle, there is a mix of historic buildings and museums to watch for.

Suggestion 14. Antarctica to discover exotic wildlife

Antarctica, image source; Getty Images Pro

You might think there is nothing to do in this South Pole. But you’ll be mistaken. Here there is a wealth of exotic wildlife to watch for. A range of organisms and bacteria, as well as penguins and tardigrades, are waiting for you to give a warm welcome. 

Suggestion 15. Mauritius to mark the beginning of summer 

Mauritius, image source; Getty Images Pro

With azure waters and warm weather, Mauritius is the best place to visit in November. It’s when the summer begins. Enjoy this multicultural paradise in this island amidst the Indian Ocean. 

All the adventure staff is waiting for you. The world-class snorkeling and deep-sea fishing, wildlife watching are great opportunities to live an unforgettable experience. 

At this time of the year, the famous Hindu light festival (Diwali) is held which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. 

Whatever your choice is from the list, we’re sure you’ll have your November time passed with the greatest pleasure and satisfaction!

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