12 Best Places to Visit in September

Best Places to Visit in September

September is a great season to escape for a good vacay. Less crowded and less expensive, your staycation in September will not break your bank. Enjoy your peace after a summer rush making the most out of your travel opportunity.

Here are the 12 best places to visit in September.

Place 1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Canada, Source Getty Images Pro

The best time to travel to Montreal is in September. The summer is at its full sway and high-season touristic flow is dispersing. This is when the accommodations are starting to get cheaper.

Walk the comfortable streets of Vieux-Montreal (Old Montreal) to gaze at the eighteenth-century stunning architecture, beautiful landmarks, and Gothic Revival Church. 

Get a panoramic view of the iconic Clock Tower or visit the Montreal Science Centre. We bet you’ll find this place very entertaining and suitable for people of all age ranges. 

Place 2. Maldives 

Maldives, Source Getty Images Pro

It might be surprising to hear the summer months are those of monsoons in the Maldives. Yet, the best time to visit here in September, as the downpour is starting to yield.  The rains are starting to be uneven with milder temperature rates. 

The luxurious mansion over the calm waters will be the best thing to happen in the Maldives. Shiny skies, stunning sites, purest waters, and everything around will make you cut off the mundane reality and feel the scent of paradise.

Place 3. Croatia

Croatia, Source Getty Images Pro

Croatia is perfect to be visited in September due to the finest weather and the other benefits, such as less expensive hotels and little touristic traffic. 

Relish the breathtaking look of astonishing islands in the Adriatic, nice ports and mind-blowing beaches. 

Place 4. Corfu, Greece

Corfu, Greece
Corfu, Greece, Source Getty Images Pro

Corfu is considered to be one of the best places to visit in September as the extreme summer heats are subsiding leaving place for pleasant weather. 

If you’re keen to get history lessons, visit Corfu Town to attend several museums, churches and look at a proud fortress nestled on the twin peaks.  

Take your road to the easter coast to visit the village of Danila for good inspiration. Here you’ll find stunning works of a naturalist Lee Durrell.

And don’t forget to take a boat trip to the untouched island of Paxos.

Place 5. China

China, Source Getty Images Pro

Choose your time wisely to visit one of the seven wonders in the world. China is a perfect place to visit in September and explore the pearl of Beijing, walk the enchanting Great Wall and clear your mind from any negative energy. 

You’ll be amazed by pleasant weather in September with long clear days and cool lovely nights. 

Place 6. Scilly Isles, UK

 Scilly Isles, UK
Scilly Isles, UK, Source Getty Images Pro

The isles of Scilly is a real paradise for adventure lovers. Stay warm and dry in white sandy beaches, take your kayaking tour, or ride along the shore by a cool bicycle. All is possible to do to pass your leisure time decently.

It’s also where you can go snorkeling with seals or get active with SUP. 

Get around five inhabited by ferries without worrying about long queues for visas. 

Place 7. Pompei, Italy

Pompei, Italy
Pompei, Italy, Source Getty Images Pro

Pompei is an epic place to visit this month. Catastrophically flooded by the Vesuvius eruption in AD79, Pompei is the well-preserved part of Ancient Italy.  

Pompei is all yours to explore in the cooler days of September.  As well as studying Pompei itself, take your time to ride to Naples that is rich in interesting galleries and museums. 

Discover the way Rome’s high-ranking officials and overheated slaves lived two thousand years ago by attending luxurious villas and baths of salt waters in Baiae and narrow streets of Herculaneum. 

Place 8. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain, Source Getty Images Pro

Barcelona is back on the map when you consider visiting in September. The urban rush is milder, yet schools are open and prices are lower. So have your time for a good city tour with an astonishing view of stunning beaches and attractive parks. 

Place 9. South Africa

South Africa
South Africa, Source Getty Images Pro

In South Africa, you’ll find first-rate safari rides from May to September. This is when the dry season is in vigor granting excellent conditions for outdoor activities.  

All the exotic stuff is right there on your feet – animals around water holes and stunning tropical views of the coast of Hermanus.

The amazing point about this little town of Hermanus is the migratory whales from Antarctica with the aim to give birth. 

Go to the west of South Africa to get up-close to the color flower blankets in Namaqualand in September.

Place 10. Morocco

Morocco, Source Getty Images Pro

Fancy to get a mixture of bewitching culture and alluring weather? Go to Morocco in September.

In this period, Morocco isn’t much fun in the summer: it’s crazily hot at this period, so it’s impossible to get the most out of your time there in summer. In early autumn, the country is starting to breathe as the temperature is becoming cooler. 

Still, passing time in a pool or a beach is still trendy as it’s sunny enough.

Fez is where you’ll feel the authentic atmosphere of Moroccan culture. Dazzling bazaars, wonderful riads, and Tannery Quarter will take you to the magical world of Morocco to feast with a mint tea and make you get acquainted with hand-made bags.

Place 11. Argentina

Argentina, Source Getty Images Pro

Let’s fly to the other edge of the world-Argentina. It’s a magnificent country offering spectacular pastime, astonishing nature and cosmopolitan life. 

Head to the cascading Iguazu Fall to find overwhelming impressions. Don’t hesitate to visit national parks and admire diverse wildlife and endemic fauna.

Place 12. Sussex, England

Kent, England
Kent, England, Source Getty Images Pro

Sussex is known for its harvest for vineyards which makes it the best place to visit in September. Known for its wine-growing industry, Kent offers a wealth of wineries to combine a wine tasting session with a cognitive tour on how the wine is cultivated. After a tasty trip, stay in a local B&B.

Don’t look around and pack your bags for a good traveling in September. For more topics regarding traveling, follow this page. We assure you’ll get a lot of amazing stuff!


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