11 Best Day Trips from London

11 best day trips from London

You might feel hemmed with your traveling off the cards at the moment. No question, trips are mostly taking place in our dreams with the limitation to move from place to place. 

But agree we’ve already started thinking about what our lives would be like after the restrictions are lifted. Most importantly, we start shaping plans on how to organize our traveling.

We have brought 11 best day trips from London below to fuel your traveling dreams.

Trip 1. Bath, Windsor Castle, and Stonehenge

Bath, UK
Bath, Source: Getty Images Pro

The most popular among the day trips from London, these destinations are entirely worth it to consider. Though a long day, you’ll totally enjoy your visit.

Being 1.5 hours one way from London, first go to elegant Bath. There you’ll be welcomed by the curious Roman public bath complex and the temple. The country of Somerset, Bath will quench your thirst for a panoramic tour excellently combining your entertainment with cognitive tours. 

There is much to appreciate at Windsor Castle, first of all-the castle of Her Majesty, that’s the largest in the world. All the architecture is worth admiring carrying the finest masterpieces of all times. Painting by Rubens, Van Dyck, and Holbein will take you to the exquisite Royal Collection cutting you off from an ordinary mortal public life for a minute.

The final destination is Stonehenge, that pertains to the World Heritage Site. This prehistoric monument has a lot of mysterious things to tell us about our ancestors and how they worshipped here. 

You’ll also get stunned by seeing the giant engineering design of this site and how come it’s possible to create such a stone composition without having a high-tech working tool. 

Trip 2. Oxford, Blenheim Palace, and Woodstock

Blenheim, Palace
Blenheim, Palace, Source: Getty Images Pro

It’s a worth-visit place for a day to fit in offering plenty of things to do that can’t be missed. It’s a dream destination for any student due to the prominent Oxford University for both studying or just paying a cognitive tour across the University as a part of a City Tour. 

If you’re a Harry Potter fan it’s a well worth your while to attend the Christ Church. The complex was used as a backdrop while filming several scenes of the popular Harry Potter series. 

Take your time to visit Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. It’s a national monument used as both country house and mausoleum. 

Just twenty minutes along with the road drop into Woodstock, that’s a cozy little town. 

Trip 3. Cambridge 

Cambridge, Source: Getty Images Pro

Small, quiet, and pretty… That’s the language of Cambridge. Fitzwilliam Museum is the place to start your day with. Then have your magical breakfast at Fitzbillies and go on exploring the wonderful site of colleges and King’s Chapel.

The most beautiful part is yet to come. Reach to the calm waters of the river spot and hire a boat or guides to take a little ”cruise”. 

Enjoy these wonders that are just sixty-four miles away from London. 

Trip 4. Stratford-upon-Avon 

Stratford-upon-Avon, Source: Getty Images Pro

Shakespeare’s house and the Bard, certainly, are the big draw in Stratford-upon-Avon But this site is more than that! 

Discover Birmingham’s waterways on a canal boat ride. Enjoy your trip through the heart of West Midlands via its watery wonders!

Trip 5. Paris

Paris, Source: Getty Images Pro

Are you wondering about whether it’s possible to make a day trip from London to Paris? A big yes! Paris is just about two-hour-trip by Eurostar so don’t miss your chance to wander about the romantic streets of the capital of France and feel the stunning view over the River Seine. 

Don’t forget to take a photoshoot under the monumental Eiffel Tower and pay a visit to gothic-style Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Paris is known for its cafe culture so refuel yourself in one of the little cafe boutiques in the center to make the most out of this beautiful city. 

Trip 6. Brighton and Brighton Bridge

Brighton Bridge
Brighton Bridge, Source: Getty Images Pro

Believe us, this is the favorite place for Londoners and not only! Brighton is a blissful town that’s an hour away from London by train.

It’s a prosperous city that opens its doors for visitors to show all colors of local culture and scenic landmarks of popular beaches and the Brighton Bridge. 

Be careful as the winds coming in multiple directions on the coastline can be dangerous that change the wave conditions!

Trip 7. Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle, Source: Getty Images Pro

That’s Edinburgh that requires an hour of flight in the morning and another one in the evening from and to London, but it’s so worth visiting it isn’t even describable. 

It’s comprised of an elegant Old Town and neoclassical Georgian New Town, the capital of Scotland is loomed over by Edinburgh Castle, home to the Stone of Density and crown jewelers used for Scotland’s kings’ coronation!

Trip 8. Bristol

Bristol, Source: Getty Images Pro

If you’re an urban lover than heading over to Bristol is your thing. It’ll take you two hours by train to reach this enchanting city and stroll over the cultural hub formerly serving as a city-center port. 

Trip 9. Canterbury

Canterbury, Source: Getty Images Pro

This cathedral city of England was used as a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages. Take a tour around the ancient architecture of the city dating back to the Roman times and encircle its cobbled streets and half-timbered houses.

Trip 10. Box Hill

Box Hill
Box Hill, Source: Getty Images Pro

If the greeny zones are your thing then bike right to the Box Hill. A delightful view and fresh air are what will make your stay there all day long.

Trip 11. Deal

Deal, Source Getty Images Pro

Deal is a cozy corner about 70 miles away from London. It’s like a paradise with little flower houses and lively markets, narrow paths, and day-trip boxes. The Deal Castle is the famous landmark built by Henry VIII. It was a part of the king’s protection to defend against invasions of the enemy. 

Take the maximum from your ordinary day and turn it into an interesting and lovely short trip. We’re sure whichever destination you choose from above, you’ll kick the best of your time!


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