10 Basics about Your Trip to Gili Islands from Bali (2020 October)

Gili Islands

Gili’s untouched nature and gorgeous sights are what make this place one of the most famous tourist attractions. Having easy access from Bali, the visitors consider this destination for one-day as well as several-days tours. 

In this article, we cover the most common 10 basics about your trip to the Gili Islands from Bali.  

It’s cool! You’re on the way. Read on to find out the most essential questions answered regarding your trip to Gili’s!

Question 1. What are the widely-used means of conveyance from Bali to Gili Islands 

The Gili Islands
Gili Islands, Image Source: Getty Images

The options include public boats, planes, and a luxurious scent – helicopters. But the most used alternative is fast boats. Convenient and fast (as the name considers), these boats will provide the service in the safest way.

Question 2. What is the cost of fast boats?

The Gili Islands, Fast Boats
Gili Islands, Image Source: Getty Images

This is not a long trip, it may last from 1:30 – 2 hours, or more, depending on which harbor you’ll leave. Fast boats generally depart in the morning starting from 08:00 am – 9:30 am. The boats are commonly supposed to carry thirty passengers. 

The most convenient price range for the fast boats is from Padang Bai nearest harbor. Get acquainted with the price list at Baliferry.com

As the usage of fast boats is extensive, you may encounter different companies offering this service as well. The Gili Getawfaay Fast Boat’s departure is from Serangan harbor. It’s more expensive, and the tour lasts a little bit longer (about two and a half hours).  

The one-way ticket’s price is $52, while the other with the return is $100. 

The other company called Blue Water Express is more flexible offering departures from both harbors. The one-way cost from Serangan is $52, from Padang Bai it’s cheaper – approximately – $48.

Question 3. Can I do a day trip from Bali to the Gilis?

The Gili Islands
Gili Islands, Image Source: Getty Images

Visitors to Gili Islands, be ready for the hot pastime. It’s about getting sunkissed and eating the most delicious food, swinging, and hammocking at the shore, or taking photos in the background of blue waters. In Gilis, the most common attractions include everything connected with water adventures, such as snorkeling and diving. 

The tour highlights include all the three Gili Islands.

Gili Trawangan is praised for its vibrant lifestyle. Here you’ll find the most luxurious astounding villas and terraces on the beach.

We won’t afraid to say this island is a tiny piece of heaven on Earth. It’s a slice of paradise for the youth who has come here to seek adventure and get a stunning impressions. Crazy night outs, clubs and cafes, everything is organized for high-level activities. 

Gili Air, unlike the previous one, is meant to pass your unwind days in relaxation and serenity. It’s a backpackers’ paradise that offers calm rest and tranquility. 

Gili Meno, the smallest among the three, is praised for the most wonderful skyline and beaches. It’s a perfect place to go with your family and friends and enjoy your serenity.

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Question 4. What’s the advised time-period to stay on Gili Trawangan? 

The Gili Islands
Gili Islands, Image Source: Getty Images

Gili Trawangan is an idyllic place to have a full relax and breathe fresh air. No cars or motorcycles, it’s like an oasis in the middle of a desert. 

All kinds of adventures are available for you and your family to try on this blissful island. Here you can go to SCUBA diving, sunbathing, or just relaxing. 

  • Diving

If you want to study diving, then take Gangga Divers PADI course that will take from a ½ to 3 days. Settled in the resort of Villa Almarik you’ll learn the diving essentials and get PADI certification. 

REMEMBER:  Don’t plan your return the same day to Bali, as you’re not allowed to fly within twenty-four hours after the last diving course.

After having got the license, pass on to the next step to experience the magic of diving. The Gili T offers tons twenty-five fabulous diving sites with stunning skyline ahead.

  • Chilling

Still, you’ll get a wealth of activities to do in the Gilis besides diving. Reserve your rooms in Villa Almarik for at least three nights to get the most use of your trip.

Take the relaxing spa procedure then taste delicious food by the shore. Complete your day of unwinding by watching the stunning sunset. 

  • Exploring

Well, it’s cool at the beach. But what about stretching your legs for a spectacular view? If you’re the right person for it, don’t miss climbing the Trawangan Hill.

It’s about six kilometers to ride around the city. It will take a couple of hours with some stops but the results will be rewarding. 

Question 5. Is the trip expensive to the Gili Islands??

The Gili Islands
The Gili Islands, Image Source: Getty Images

The expenses of your trip depend on different factors, starting from whom you’re traveling with to which kind of hotels you choose to stay in. For example, if you go there with your family, you’re supposed to take a double room with all the accommodations. 

Traveling alone? You may encounter tons of options for dorm rooms or private single rooms. Let’s check the prices for all the cases! 

Costs for hostels include:

Dormitory rooms with three to six beds – $5.

Private rooms – $17

Costs for hotels include:

Double room with accommodations – $20.   

Airbnb with accommodations – starting from $13.50

Airbnb with an entire home – $30 (though the prices can go higher up to $135).

Food is affordable varying from two to five dollars. Within this average range, you can feed yourself with delicious species of food and get closer to the local spices.

In a middle-class restaurant, you can encounter all sorts of common western food like pizzas and pasta. 

Let’s sum up the total cost for Gilis per day!

The cheapest stay including sleeping in a dorm eating cheap meals and using cycles or food for trips as well as snorkeling, will cost you $30 USD per day.

The average-budget stay that includes a budget hotel, using middle-class eateries, do several activities like diving and kayaking will suggest  $70 USD per day. 

The luxury stay is naturally supposing a more expensive price of $285 USD per day. But be sure you’ll fully enjoy your trip by staying in a luxury hotel, eating the most delicious food, and making the most use of all the leisure activities in this beautiful place.

Now when you’ve learned about the technical part about the most-used means of transportation to the Gili islands and the hotel prices, let’s move on to the next and more pleasant part. Activities!  

Activity 1. Don’t miss the gorgeous sunsets

Sunset, Gili Islands
The Gili Islands’ Sunset, Image Source: Getty Images

Gili’s sunsets are always breathtaking that’s not to be missed. It’s especially a must-live experience for newly-married couples. Besides, it’s completely free :). 

Follow the sunsetting with the cocktail in your hand and lying in one of the hammocks at the beach. Already imagining? Wonderful! 

Activity 2. Walk around the islands 

The Gili Islands
Gili Islands, Image Source: Getty Images

The largest island’s length is three kilometers. So it will take you only two hours to circulate around it on foot. 

In that way, you’ll concentrate on every beautiful corner and every beautiful detail. After your trip, you’ll have the full image of where you have passed your rest. 

Organize walking around the area on the 1st day. In that way, you’ll scope out all the sights and schedule your visiting sights during your trip.

Note, that it’s hot in summer. So make sure to have all the necessary things with you starting from bottles of water to the well-protecting hat.

Activity 3. Travel to all of the three islands 

The Gili Islands
Gili Islands, Image Source: Getty Images

Why not? You’re already in this beautiful place. So why not try an effort to visit the other two islands?

It’s quite easy! Just under three dollars local boats are ready to accomplish your desire of visiting the other two Gili islands. It will last only twenty minutes. The short journey is worth organizing. 

Activity 4. – Go to the ‘Night Market’ 

Night Market, the Gili Islands
Night Market, Image Source: Getty Images

The Night Market is impossible to overlook if you’re in the Gili T.  Here, you’ll get the cheapest but the most luscious food.

All kinds of meals are offered. Are you a seafood lover? No problem, a great variety of fish and seafood is waiting to be tasted. Want to try some veggies? Here you’ll find everything.

If you want to try something exotic and something local, try a typical Indonesian food with rice dish which includes vegetables, meat and eggs, noodles and peanuts. 

Activity 5. Step up to snorkeling or SCUBA diving

SCUBA diving, Gili Islands
Scuba diving, Gili Islands, Image Source: Getty Images

The Gilis boast for the white-powder calm waters offering all types of activities. You have fantastic opportunities for snorkeling and SCUBA diving.   

There are so many cool things to do in Gili Islands suitable for everyone who has come here with different goals. Take your changes to all the adventures and relaxation and make the most use of the activities offered in this blog. 

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